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For Profit Prosecution At Goderich Courthouse : Greed Over Justice

The idea of for-profit criminal prosecution, where private companies or individuals are incentivized to prosecute and punish individuals for criminal offenses in order to make a profit, is a controversial and potentially dangerous concept. While proponents argue that it could lead to more efficient and cost-effective criminal justice system, the reality is that this model can have several negative societal consequences and can ultimately harm democracy and freedom.

One of the main concerns with for-profit criminal prosecution is that it creates a financial incentive for prosecutors to seek convictions, regardless of the guilt or innocence of the accused. This can lead to a system where individuals are unfairly targeted and prosecuted for crimes they did not commit, simply to increase the profits of the private prosecution company. This not only undermines the principles of justice and fairness, but it can also result in innocent individuals being wrongfully punished.

Additionally, the profit motive in criminal prosecution can also lead to a focus on pursuing cases that are more likely to result in guilty verdicts, rather than cases that are truly in the public interest. This can lead to a prioritization of certain types of crimes over others, potentially neglecting important issues such as white-collar crime, corruption, or civil rights violations. In essence, the pursuit of profit can override the pursuit of justice and the protection of society.

Furthermore, for-profit criminal prosecution can also create a conflict of interest, as private companies may prioritize their financial interests over the best interests of the accused or society as a whole. This can erode public trust in the criminal justice system and undermine the integrity of the legal process. If individuals believe that prosecutions are driven by profit rather than the pursuit of justice, they may lose faith in the fairness and impartiality of the legal system.

In addition to these negative consequences, the for-profit criminal prosecution model can also harm democracy and freedom. By allowing private companies to wield significant power in the criminal justice system, there is a risk of undermining the role of government and the accountability of public officials. This can lead to a privatization of justice and a erosion of democratic principles, as decisions about who to prosecute and punish are increasingly made by profit-driven entities rather than by elected officials accountable to the public.

Overall, the for-profit criminal prosecution model has the potential to create serious negative consequences for society, including undermining the principles of justice and fairness, eroding public trust in the legal system, and harming democracy and freedom. Instead of incentivizing private profit in the criminal justice system, society should prioritize fundamental values such as the rule of law, due process, and the protection of individual rights. It is essential to ensure that the pursuit of justice is not compromised by the pursuit of profit.

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OPP Put On Notice After Attack On Free Speech – Wingham Strikes Back #FilmThePolice

Earlier this week in Wingham, an OPP officer was caught taking down a poster promoting participation at the next council meeting (04Dec2023).

While only one poster removal was caught on video, several more went missing around the exact same time. In response to this new posters have been put up, along with a warning to the OPP.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend the 04Dec council meeting, even though the OPP clearly don’t want you too.

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OPP Assault 12 Year Old While Other Bad Apple Officers Standby #FTP #EndTheOccupation

A child was shoved to the ground by an out-of-control fully grown adult with a gun, and had his scooter seized. Since the psychopath that assaulted the child is an OPP officer, no charges will be laid, not even for those that stood by while their out-of-control co-worker assaulted the child.

Countless videos of OPP abusing Citizens have flooded the internet in recent years. It is absolutely clear that the OPP’s refusal to mandate body cameras is due to their systemic abuse of their power, and their desire to remain unaccountable for any of their actions.

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Anti-maskers To Attempt Shutdown Of Wingham Business This Saturday – Rape, Bombs, Boycott, Arson, Robbery, Theft, Window Busting & Assault All Threatened Over FilmThePolice Mask

Anti-maskers are threatening to shut down a Wingham restaurant this weekend “by any means necessary” after an unmoderated posting in an area FaceBook group spiraled out of control. A photo of a facemask posted in a FaceBook group went viral in minutes, triggering calls to picket the restaurant selling them, in an attempt to cripple them financially by scaring customers away. They are claiming this Saturday they will protest outside Buck & Jo’s to prevent any customers from entering on the busiest day of the week.

The threats included burning down the building, smashing windows, attacking family members of the owners, a dine and dash campaign and an organized boycott. “I hope your business dies and so do you”, “You must die, and die now”, “when we are raping your wife, who are you gonna call? The police won’t do a thing”, “How much ransom are you willing to pay for your children”.

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Help End The Police State – FTP Products Now Available In Wingham

We are living in a police state where you can be charged with zero physical evidence, and you are guilty until you can prove otherwise. In Ontario, based solely on an officer’s word you can lose your driver’s license or even spend up to 10 years in prison. When someone is charged or convicted of a crime without any physical evidence we are living in a police state. Thanks to the public for video recording the police, several area police officers have been caught deleting videos, fabricating notes for court, neglect of duty, harassment and lying on the stand in court.

There are dozens of crimes a corrupt police officer can charge someone with, absent of any physical evidence. The officer simply has to say you threatened them and your life as you know it is over. The corrupt cop without any physical evidence can also claim you ran a stop sign, held your hands in a threatening manner, were going to use an everyday object as a “dangerous weapon”, resisted arrest, drove dangerously, drove while high, assaulted the officer or disturbed the peace. If you don’t have proof you didn’t do what they said, you will be convicted. Sadly the only way to prove you didn’t do something is video evidence. The reality is we are beyond a “police state” and have fallen to fascism since the police use violence on a regular basis.

Mandatory police body cameras are essential for equality and justice. Since the police won’t wear body cameras, the public needs to record every police interaction they witness.

FTP products are now available in Wingham, look for the business(es) with FTP items in their windows. FTP shirts, masks, body cameras and hidden cameras are available.

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OPP/Police Threaten Rape & Murder – FTP Movement Spirals Out Of Control After FTP Movement Takes Foothold On The Square Mile #WinghamWakening #FTP

Horrifying videos, CBC investigations and SIU reports with trigger warnings prove beyond a doubt corrupt police officers will do anything to silence the truth of their gross misconduct. There is no doubt why the police refuse to wear body cameras.

Threats of rape and murder by those claiming to be police or reitired officers are going viral online in an attempt to silence those that speak out against the rampant abuse. Lock your doors and don’t open them unless you know who it is. 

Many of you know about the war that has been growing behind the scenes between the Free Press and unaccountable police that refuse to wear body cameras. Do not leave home without a way to video record police interactions, your life and reputation may depend on it. Even the most ardent boot likers must agree that threats of rape are too far over the line. Some police think a beating or raping is justified depending on circumstance. No wonder People are afraid to speak up and the police refuse to wear body cameras.

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Fuck The Police – Wingham Activist(s) Takes Stand Against Police Corruption – #WinghamWakening #DeathOfFear #FTP

A hero Rights Activist has posted a “Fuck The Police” sign on their front lawn somewhere in Wingham. While this flimsy piece of cardboard may seem insignificant to most, it is a beacon of hope and change for a burgeoning grass-roots movement, proving that the “Death Of Fear” is here, or on enroute.

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Finger Gun Leads To Beatdown By Stratford Police – Officer Refuses To Hand Over Notes To SIU – #GangstersInBlue #ManditoryBodyCameras

Stratford police swarmed, restrained, punched, took to the ground, then punched their victim several more times until ribs were fractured, like in a gangster movie when an addle minded thug is offended. The typical gangster beatdown of “grab his arms while I beat him until he shows some respect”. No wonder police refuse to wear and use body cameras.

Now you might be asking what did the Citizen do to trigger such a violent rib-fracturing beatdown by the Stratford “gangsters in blue”. It was an imaginary gun AKA a finger gun pointed toward a moving police cruiser. 

The Stratford police responded to the finger gun like gangsters spotting someone wearing the wrong gang colors in their hood. The cop did a U-turn and signaled his fellow gangsters in blue to swarm and then beat the unarmed man that disrespected them. Then the Stratford police charged their victim with “uttering threats” and declined to hand their notes over the SIU.

Click here to read the full SIU report and to confirm the above.

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Stratford Police Approved To Continue Beating/Torture Of Unarmed Civilians – Outraged Public Demands Body Cameras After Another SIU Failure

27July2015 Stratford police officers threw an unarmed autistic man to the ground and beat him in the head causing a concussion, cuts to his face and a black eye. According to the recently released SIU report “the officers tactic was reasonable”. This type of force is used daily in Ontario and is just viewed as common practice. Body cameras need to be mandatory for all police immediately. There is no other peaceful way forward.

An online fundraiser for the victim has been setup on GoFundMe.

Anyone that doesn’t cower in fear of these corrupt officers will be beaten, simple as that. There is nothing you can do about it unless the incident is captured on video. The SIU is composed almost entirely of former police officers who are fiercely loyal to their beatdown brothers in blue. 97% of the complaints of police misconduct are unfounded according to the SIU. The 3% conviction rate is only that high due to video evidence, otherwise it’s the “beatdown boys in blue” word against yours and they always win.

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Public Outrage After Barrie Police Attempt Murder Of Citizen – #FTP #FilmThePolice

Screams of terror by horrified onlookers with video cameras likely saved a man’s life from Barrie police officers. The officers that stood by or joined in are just as responsible as the out of control officer. 

A 20 year old nearly lost his life after making a flippant remark to a police officer in Barrie, Ontario. The officer loses all self control and attempts to crack open the skull of the 20 year old like a coconut, by repeatedly smashing his restrained victim’s head into the concrete. More officers joined in the fun instead of protecting the unarmed restrained civilian from the out of control cop.

The officer did not need to respond to the remark. Responding with violence and trying to kill the man is an act of terrorism. This was a clear message from the police to the Public that they must show 100% respect and fear of the Barrie police or you may not survive.

Gary Grisdale, who identified himself in messages to CBC News as the man’s brother, said the incident happened after his brother “went through a red light on his longboard after looking both ways to make sure the coast was clear.” Grisdale declined to give his brother’s full name.

Grisdale said the officer ticketed his brother and detained him for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, his brother went back onto the road with his longboard and “lipped the officer off a bit,” he said. The officer “got furious,” Grisdale said, and that is when the video starts.

Until all Barrie police officers wear and use body cameras, and these officers are held to account, FTP considers the Barrie police and those that support them blindly to be terrorists.

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