Most of you already know this about “mainstream media”. They aren’t “news”, they are entertainment divisions eager to pimp you out for likes and profit, and have zero intention of questioning or confronting those in power. They almost always promote the government’s agenda and always take taxpayer money whenever offered in return. You almost never hear about protests, rallies or any dissenting opinion.

We need the re-emergence of a strong and independent Free Press in order to return the power to the people by having governments questioned and held to account.

Many of you have seen the power of Wingham Free Press over the last 13 years, from disbanding the Wingham Police, resignations of senior staff & deputy reeve, exposing police and municipal corruption, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars. All done a near zero budget and with the power of questions and cameras. The truth needs to exposed in order for the complacent to wake up to the reality of today.

We need your help to take back the “News” from a corrupt and a main-stream media that is only concerned about appeasing every level of government that eagerly fund them with your tax dollars. Multi-national companies and others that spend large amounts on advertising also hold too much sway with the main-steam media.

Freedom of the Press and other media of communication are protected by our Charter of Rights, Canada’s supreme law. Why does this industry have such powerful protection, and is a Free Press really that important to a Democracy?

A Free Press is the only true “opposition party” in a functioning Democracy that is capable of demanding truth from those in power. A Free Press must amplify the voices of those that are victims of government and demand the government be fair, answerable, accountable and effective. A true Free Press would never accept ANY money from any level of government, doing so would clearly be a conflict.

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