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Help End The Police State – FTP Products Now Available In Wingham

We are living in a police state where you can be charged with zero physical evidence, and you are guilty until you can prove otherwise. In Ontario, based solely on an officer’s word you can lose your driver’s license or even spend up to 10 years in prison. When someone is charged or convicted of a crime without any physical evidence we are living in a police state. Thanks to the public for video recording the police, several area police officers have been caught deleting videos, fabricating notes for court, neglect of duty, harassment and lying on the stand in court.

There are dozens of crimes a corrupt police officer can charge someone with, absent of any physical evidence. The officer simply has to say you threatened them and your life as you know it is over. The corrupt cop without any physical evidence can also claim you ran a stop sign, held your hands in a threatening manner, were going to use an everyday object as a “dangerous weapon”, resisted arrest, drove dangerously, drove while high, assaulted the officer or disturbed the peace. If you don’t have proof you didn’t do what they said, you will be convicted. Sadly the only way to prove you didn’t do something is video evidence. The reality is we are beyond a “police state” and have fallen to fascism since the police use violence on a regular basis.

Mandatory police body cameras are essential for equality and justice. Since the police won’t wear body cameras, the public needs to record every police interaction they witness.

FTP products are now available in Wingham, look for the business(es) with FTP items in their windows. FTP shirts, masks, body cameras and hidden cameras are available.

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