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Fuck The Police – Wingham Activist(s) Takes Stand Against Police Corruption – #WinghamWakening #DeathOfFear #FTP

A hero Rights Activist has posted a “Fuck The Police” sign on their front lawn somewhere in Wingham. While this flimsy piece of cardboard may seem insignificant to most, it is a beacon of hope and change for a burgeoning grass-roots movement, proving that the “Death Of Fear” is here, or on enroute.

6 replies on “Fuck The Police – Wingham Activist(s) Takes Stand Against Police Corruption – #WinghamWakening #DeathOfFear #FTP”

Well.. I hope you never need the police to help you. Who are you gonna call if a family member is murdered?. Who are you gonna call if your wife is raped?Who you gonna call if your kids are kidnapped? Well if your the moron that has this sign on their front lawn, best bet is to call the idiot that runs the Wingham Free Press. What a bunch of fucking stupid assholes.

You admit they are corrupt, yet you lack the courage to stand against them. You are a fucking coward. You are a bootlicking, high-school bully piece of shit. Rot in Hell Disgusted/HolyShitBatman/FormerCop etc. Fuck you and the Fuck the cops that you enjoy blowing for free “protein shots”. Now go give a handy to the next cop you run into. If Hitler invaded you would’ve been the first to sympathize with the invader due to your pathetic lack of morals and integrity. Get a spine you worthless fucker.

Yes the HERO/victim should call the police. If an honest cop shows up they will charge you with Public Mischief, a maximum of 2 years in prison. Then charge you with public urination, indecent exposure and possibly putting you on the sex offender list for pulling your dick out in a residential neighborhood. The cop should thank the victim for exercising his constitutional rights hand over their business cards in case there is any further criminal activity.

I see you believe all cops are corrupt and won’t do their job, but there has to be at least one honest one amongst them.

When most of the crew is corrupt there can’t be a weak link. So that crew either strengthens that weak link or makes life worse for all and all fall.
how many have fallen not to many. So is there a good one in any bunch re think ladies and gentlemen. the biggest brotherhood in the world and gang is the men in Black.
That nice blue warm uniform got switched up for the black ss nazi crap!
With their union and themselfs they are above the law!
Sorry I Trust No One

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