99.2% In Favor Of Closing Blyth Community Centre – Public Input Now Closed

North Huron council is considering closing the Blyth Community Center, especially after less than 1% of the Public expressed any level of concern to council. Of the 5,000 residents of North Huron, only about 40 are in favor of continuing wasting taxpayer money on Blyth while our infrastructure needs attention.

Council quickly dismissed the 40 alleged complaints, as their authenticity was clearly in question. Most of the complaints followed the exact same format, and contained a couple other tell-tale signs that one person may have sent them all. This also explains why not one of the alleged complainants attended and spoke up at the last council meeting. 

The next council meeting is 21Feb2023, 6pm at Wingham Town Hall. Questions are not permitted on any topic, and only “new positive comments” will be allowed.

To contact all of council email [email protected]

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