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Residents In Favor Of Closing All Rec Facilities In Blyth, Belgrave & Wingham

Not a single complaint was received by council regarding closing of the facilities in Wingham & Belgrave, according to the agenda package. Up to 4 unique complaints were received for the Blyth Arena. Usership has drastically dropped at all facilities, and continues to do so.

The closing of all facilities is hoped to limit the tax increase to around 20%, enough to fund council’s raise and town staff bonuses/raises. These closures are also required to help pay for new lucrative buddy contracts such as $2,500 per lawn cut for the cemeteries, $75,000/year.

These drastic steps are needed after millions of dollars worth of real estate was stolen from the Wingham taxpayers, and wasting of millions of taxpayer dollars on pointless projects that only benefit council’s cronies.

Next council meeting is 21Feb. Council has previously threatened anyone that asks a question with arrest.

To contact all of council email [email protected] to have your opinion and input officially be ignored.

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