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Revolution Sweeps Ontario As doug ford Backs Down & Vax-Pass Collapses #ProtectJAKKTuesdays #ChairChallenge

Ontario Premier doug ford has backed down on a vaccine mandate for health-care workers, allowing thousands to return to work. Please take the time to thank your health-care workers for standing strong and defending privacy rights and their colleagues right not to disclose. 

Patriot sports pub J.A.K.K Tuesdays in Kingston is on the front line to restore our Rights. Everyone is encouraged to show up and support the sports pub, and have their video recording devices ready for when doug ford’s enforcers come again.

Dr. Miriam Klassen of Huron Perth Public Health has still refused to enforce segregation at Buck & Jo’s in Wingham, despite a standing invitation to do so. We have had countless report/videos that every restaurant in the area is NOT enforcing the vax-pass. There can now be zero doubt that the vax-pass is defeated in all of HPPH’s enforcement territory.

After the waves of enforcement from Huron Perth Public Health stood down and refused to “follow orders” and enforce segregation at Buck & Jo’s in Wingham, restaurants across Huron & Perth instantly followed suit. This immediately restored the dignity and Rights of their customers. These heroic businesses decided to stand with the Chiefs Of Police, Health-care workers, HPPH enforcement officers and Dr. Miriam Klassen and refused to violate the Rights of their customers.

Restaurants across Ontario are now openly defying doug ford’s Denial Of Service Demand and challenging their health departments to do their own enforcement, which they clearly won’t do. Chairs are being set out in restaurants for Health Department enforcers, sending a powerful and humorous message. The chairs have a note attached similar to “This chair is reserved for a Public Health Officer to check vaccine passport information. If this chair is empty, Public Health is not enforcing the vaccine passport mandate”.

J.A.K.K Tuesdays has set out a chair. Please take the time to share this and support J.A.K.K Tuesdays anyway you know how. Stay strong, there is hope as long as Patriots like J.A.K.K Tuesdays keep fighting to restore our Rights.

J.A.K.K Tuesdays
Chair set out for Health Department @ J.A.K.K Tuesdays

9 replies on “Revolution Sweeps Ontario As doug ford Backs Down & Vax-Pass Collapses #ProtectJAKKTuesdays #ChairChallenge”

My wife and I dined in there twice 2 weeks ago , great owner and staff ,great food . No mask, or vax pass required . No discrimination. This man is a true Canadian patriot .

God bless JAKK Tuesdays. You are true Canadians! I’m 3 hours away, but I’m heading there this weekend. Thankyou so much for taking a stand. I can’t say how much this means to me. Thankyou isn’t enough.

Great job guys, the nurses United will NEVER be defeated. ACORN supports you guys. God bless your championship.

We drove to Wingham today just to support the brave folks at Buck and Jo’s and asked ourselves, “I wonder if there are any other restaurants in town following suit?” So glad to hear reports that this is snowballing. The more of us who stand up to tyranny, and in support of those who put their livelihoods on the line, the better. We need to take the power over our lives – and our future – back from those who are stealing it from us.

Mike – trying to rally people together to support a restaurant in Burlington so we can break the mandate here.

Met a very active group from Milton supporting the development of grassroots groups throughout Southern ON standing for medical freedom.

Let me know if you want to do the same on your community. [email protected]

Thanks to Wingham Free Press for publishing this information. I am sharing your articles of how the little town of Wingham is standing up to the Ontario Government policies! A David and Goliath story! GOOD ON YOU and good on all the people of Wingham standing up for FREEDOM! Buck and Jo couldn’t do this alone..I am bringing a group from Burlington to have lunch there tomorrow.. WE WANT OFFER SUPPORT TO YOUR WONDERFUL LITTLE TOWN!

Your info is wrong on healthcare workers being able to go back to work because of Doug Ford not mandating the vax. These hospitals and other health care facilities have their own mandates in place, and have let people go.

You are correct! Absolutely criminal. Ford just passed the buck. Many ceo’s are carrying on with mandates and firing health workers. Now doug ford is even paying a 10k bonus to any fully vaxxed retired nurse to come back to work for one year!!😡😡 will we just stand back and let this happen?? Contact your mpp today

Went to JAKKS last night.
Friendly staff and decent food. Very refreshing!
The tyrants have pulled their liquor license but the diningroom was 3/4s full, bar area mostly empty.

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