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F*** The Police – If The OPP Won’t Wear Body Cameras, We Will #FilmThePolice #FTP #KnowYourRights

A growing movement consisting of Rights and Accountability advocates is quickly gaining momentum in South-western Ontario. The OPP refuse to wear body cameras, so the Public has stepped up and started Filming The Police to help hold them to account. They are raising awareness via vehicle & front door stickers & shirts. The police may be conflicted about this campaign as they are paid to protect the free speech rights of those participating.

In Wingham during the transition from Timmy & The Timbits (Wingham Police) to OPP, the OPP are to match the level of service provided by the previous municipal service, which included body cameras. They are not wearing the cameras we taxpayers already paid for.

Recently released video of OPP stomping on the Rights of a taxpayer by confiscating his phone and deleting the video evidence which incriminated the police was the final straw. FTP, was born to help hold our armed civil servants to account for their actions. 

Video record all police interactions, at least until the OPP agree to wear body cameras.

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