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20% Tax Increase Hoax Exposed – Comments Now Banned Along With Questions

Sources at Wingham Town Hall are alleging the 20.65% tax increase they were forced to propose was a distraction for the real estate scandals, where Wingham taxpayers are out an estimated $30 million. Comments are now banned at council meetings, as they have been removed from the agenda for the next meeting. Questions have been banned from some time now.

It is alleged there was only ever going to be a 5% increase, then questions from the public regarding the airport, trailer park, and Hutton Heights deal intensified. 

FACTS: Financial information was withheld from Wingham Ward councilors by Town Staff, a lightning backroom deal for Hutton Heights was struck for pennies on the dollar, and they refuse to release the appraisals on those properties. 

To quote one councilor “Get it done before anyone finds out”.

According to multiple sources, now the deals are closed, Town Hall will now announce there will only be a 5% increase in taxes. This will be announced at the next meeting, and the Public is expected to be so relieved they will actually thank the council and staff for what they did to us.

They lied to the Public about a 20% tax increase, stole tens of millions of dollars in real estate from the People, and are responsible for the highest tax rate in Canada, and they will get away with it.

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