Lagoonaville Sewage Suites Scandal To Double Wingham Taxes – North Huron Near Bankrupt & No Money For Pedestrian Safety

Taxes will be re-doubling again for most in North Huron as bernie bailey’s council is giving away 5-10 million of taxpayer dollars to loyalists to get Lagoonaville ready for development. This development is right beside the Wingham sewage lagoon, some still refer to it as Hutton Heights or the Sewage Suites. Property taxes are expected to be around $10,000 – $12,000/year, plus water, sewer, and garbage fees. A small price to pay for that ever-present sewage stink so you can do a covid symptom check by opening a window to make sure your sense of smell still works.

The 5-10 million will be spent on “studies and buddies”. It makes no difference if zero people buy into the sewage suites way of living, they will still get their millions of taxpayer dollars. It will be like the last attempt at the 400 home subdivision where they spent about a half a million dollars. Everyone paid the price through higher taxes. The ONLY ones to benefit are those “contractors” and councilors that got kickbacks/incentives and those holding the land.

Not only will bernie bailey and his council make sure there are no assets left in North Huron by giving away all our real estate for pennies on the dollar, they are running up debt at record levels. $20,000 for three tvs they don’t use is just one tiny example of how corrupt they are.

Since there is no one to give councillors a kickback for clearing all the sidewalks, it will never happen. There is just no profit in it for them, unlike real estate scams where they can get millions of land or dollars into their friends hands for discount renovations or free tvs.

Despite social distancing rules, DO NOT expect North Huron to do anything different this year regarding pedestrian safety. You can walk in traffic this winter just like every other year and admire all the blocked sidewalks.

North Huron Contact Info:
Bernie Bailey – (519) 357-4668 [email protected]
Trevor Seip – (519) 357-7759 [email protected]
Paul Heffer – (519) 357-3594 – [email protected]
Anita van Hittersum – (519) 523-4492 [email protected]
Chris Palmer – (519) 357-3385 [email protected]
Kevin Fascist  Falconer – (519) 955-0301 [email protected]
Ric McBurney – (519) 441-7415 [email protected]

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O’l bitch boy Bernie at it again. Need more renovations done Bernie? Fuck the poor people eh Milky2 they still have some lunch money left? You are a fucking disgrace to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. LOCK HIM UP. LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP!

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