Wingham BIA Bankrupt – Can’t Fund Response To Apocalypse As Corruption Spirals Out Of Control – Pay New Tax Or Be Left Out! #DontAskNiceTwice

As you all know the Wingham BIA has $40,000 saved in our warchest for a rainy day. That day is clearly upon us. Currently the BIA head is demanding this money be spent on a sign that businesses would not be allowed to advertise on. That’s right, the businesses that paid for the sign would not be allowed to advertise on it. This money was supposed to be for the mutual benefit of all those businesses forced to contribute.

The Wingham BIA will likely be announcing their unique master plan in response to the apocalypse at their 18June2020 meeting. We have obtained documents showing the BIA is out of money and the recovery plan will have to be funded by the businesses themselves at a rate of $250+/each, as the $40,000 warchest will be flushed down the toilet as Doug Kuyvenhoven demands. There wasn’t even money for hand sanitizer for each business.

Please contact the current head of the Wingham BIA to arrange payment of your new tax, or you will be left out completely.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-519-357-1096

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