Tempers Flare At BIA Meeting – MacClan Manatee Defends Hall Of Shamer And His Abuses – MacClan Worst Place To Live” #PurpleManatee”

The only thing more grotesque than doug kuyvenhoven forcing Wingham businesses to pay $40,000 for another digital sign near the one at Complex is the horrid screech of the MacClan Manatee defending the waste and abuse. You all remember the “MacClan” from their OPP bashing and refusing to stand with Wingham Police officers, their abuses go much deeper.

At the Wingham BIA meeting their manatee mascot barked loyalty to kuyvenhoven, screaming that one digital sign on 86 in front of the complex isn’t enough, and we urgently need another several meters down the road. It’s only $40,000 and who cares if the businesses that are forced to pay for it can’t advertise on it, despite it costing nothing except a few mins a month of programming.

Disgraced head of the Wingham BIA lil dougie kuyvenhoven was also outed for trespass, damage to property and illegal snow dumping on a local business. It seems lil dougie has no moral code and can shit on whomever he likes without consequence.

Below is an audio clip from the MacClan leader, believed to be keeper of the MacClan Manatee

MacClan Clip MP3

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