Public Outrage As Council Attempts To Sell Trailer Park To Make Way For Bailey Towers #YouWereWarned

WFP has warned the Public on numerous occasions that Hall Of Shamer bernie bailey will attempt to “sell” off all Taxpayer assets to his buddies to fund raises and bonuses for council and town staff, as double taxes isn’t enough for them. It is time to wake up and realize our Community is crumbling while town staff and council line their pockets.

Please watch the council meeting below for yourself to see how bad things have truly gotten.

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North Huron council aka: “The Taxman” contact info:

Taxman Bernie Bailey:

Phone 1: (519) 357-4668

Phone 2: (519) 357-8708

Town Hall: (519) 357-3550

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Paul Heffer: 519-357-3594

Email:[email protected]

Taxman Anita Van Hittersum: 519-523-4492

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Chris Palmer: 519-357-3385

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Kevin Falconer: 519-955-0301

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Ric McBurney: 519-441-7415

Email: [email protected]

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