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OPP Drones Strike Restaurant In Heart Of Wingham – Buck & Jo’s Literally On The Right Side Of The Law #FeedThePeople #FTP

Yesterday a Wingham restaurant took a stand against police abuse and corruption by refusing service to all armed uniformed OPP members. This was in response to the Rights violations and collusion caught on video by Kyle Pickering that went viral. 

The final straw was the OPP response of circling/stalking Kyle’s house and pulling him over again hours after he spoke up publicly. There is an accountability problem with the police. They are believed in court 100% of the time, they investigate themselves, they tamper and destroy evidence, they coordinate their notes/lies/testimony and the only thing you can do is video record them and hope they don’t permanently delete the video.

Within hours of banning OPP the restaurant was targeted by fake and vulgar reviews online by those wanting to keep OPP corruption quiet. These pro-corruption extremists do as commanded, like a drone in a police hive. These people/drones/rats know the corrupt officers will have their back and they too will be able to bully without consequence. Many of the drones even state they have never been into the restaurant before in their “reviews”. 

The OPP will  be moving into the building adjacent to Buck & Jo’s on Josephine St. Wingham. Renovations are underway and they should be open in the coming days/weeks. Buck & Jo’s is now literally “on the right side of the law”.

Feed The People
Buck & Jo’s, on the right side of the law.

5 replies on “OPP Drones Strike Restaurant In Heart Of Wingham – Buck & Jo’s Literally On The Right Side Of The Law #FeedThePeople #FTP”

Wow Manners and respect

We see drama high school class has done well.
Kyle Manners respect dude u screwed up and u know why!!

to the drama team cool try but well your at it let’s talk local drunk politicians playing wannabe politics.

how can Huron east seaforth have 2 ward councillors.
2 reps for the people in a 1 seat democracy please.
how can these idiots have 2 seats in a 1 seat democracy.

again let me ask again who in their right minds would have a 2 seat democratic system.
drunk meth rural ontario does!

Are u 19 allowed drinking drunk kids and adults alright!!!

ah ha ha lolol rural ontaro cant even get politics right.

2 acclaimed councillors get in not 1 but 2 idiots why.
are u people ok.
2 reps. for 2000 people Brussels has 800 2 idiots grey ward 800 2 idiots and so on why rural drunken tario!

dont u know what a 1 seat democracy looks like.
nope to drunk to corrupt no.brains! We have a blind guy as deputy mayor that council themselves voted in a blind guy yet. then idiot joe steffler we have 2 stupid idiots as our reps can anyone explain to us why please. it is Huron county.

you all should know the truth u dont have a proper democracy in huron east why.
police opp please go and arrest these idiots please.

we registered our concerns with the Jp s office with the Goderich court house let’s see how good this county is.

yep we sent off our concerns to the court house.
breach of trust fraud and incompetence! and other charges.
We the real people need real help like getting our political idiots in order.

these drunks do this on purpose so no one else runs and takes away accountability.
no one will run in a 2 seat system that’s why they do this their high school buddies need jobs too. like a 74 year old fire chief are these drunks for real yep a 74 year old fire chief and a blind idiot as a deputy mayor now is this normal for rural ontario.

looks like its is wow drunks rural stupid drunks wow.

legions u all fought for dick.
look at huron east they dont even respect the fallen with a 1 seat democracy that’s how stupid these idiots are.
respect and manners where over there where over there idiot where over there! Ah ha ha ah lolol what a joke.
no manners and respect and no brains. Nice try web sight its not entertaining now. its plain old stupid and a waste of time.
we in huron east request u arrest all councillors until huron east gets a proper 1 seat democracy please.
and kyle u fucked up by having stupid air soft guns u idiot.

opp u did the right thing Kyle you didnt. its about manners and respect and u rookie cops have non!
please fix this so called democracy please and thank u.

I know go ahead bully me berate me but it still stands huron east is so drunk and stupid they cant even get a simple democracy right. So we wait for the courts descion. Check we dont lie.
I sent the file off myself proof is still sitting here with other copies. now this is real not fake like the Kyle case.
so we thought we expose this before the rookie cops lose their sight. but wait Daniel u may have helped and saved them how. that’s up to them. So lets lay back and watch the show!
To the 2 female officers nice try too. wow people Huron east has a problem can u help them or us please!

stop the drunken idiot councilors
at huron east please! our mayor is the head idiot!
Stop the rural drama and help fix it please and thank u.

dont drink away ur potential away like the huron councillors did here help the cause!
Stop the stupid crazy stupid rural crap and get it together.
please stop drinking can a duh away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Point Made

City folk are different
their more ahead have manners and respect and don’t get into drama.
Now I know why the professional people choice is to go else where!

rural ontario or in general needs help.
starting with education.
then get the craft brewers and lcbo out of huron let the cows to chase the bells elsewhere.
duh lets start a business!
a man made poison to screwup our youth and others more yeah!

they cant even get a 1 seat democracy right that’s how bad its is. no water meters!!!
their idiots.
so let’s be real here for minute.

if this site cant help in anyway to help curb all this crap then it’s best for it to go. why incite crap.

and to the chap or lady who over sees this crap.

please if this is how u get your jolly’s then yep it’s best it gets shut down!
Great Safe Years To All

thanks to the WFP for allowing me to voice out my rants.
I have Bad news! ladies and gentlemen from huron east seaforth.

The Crowns office sent back the file to push for a 1 seat democracy. They said wrong format go to legal aid!
wrong format all of the original documents proof the evidence is un changed just copies and their saying wrong format. How nothing got changed.
Here we go lazy Canadians again.
not doing their job correctly.
Wow where in the world do u see a 2 seat democracy no where but drunkforth huron east and huron county wow are u people alright nope.

I think this huron county flood the scene with booze has won!
Theres no more hope their Brains are all burnt by booze how sad!

So we tried to get huron east drunkforth a norm but the booze has won.

let’s look at reality for a minute k.
Cops getting out of hand courts refuse to help the norm so where do the people go.

u mean to tell me that’s it yep!!
but its can a duh it’s the 21st century. Too bad can a duh has drunk itself away wow!
Drunks just stay away from me for I dont put up with these no good lying toxic people!

I’m signing off by saying I put alot of years in the Canadian forces.and did well but quit!
the forces had a booze mess hall problem and the women were just coming in! I asked for a raise to police level because I made officer. they said No I left.

but I seen and heard alot I had to train these drunks it was not working out the drunks where to stupid and lazy! I left and the women got abused so go figure.
So now I defend the minorities and immigrants!

u Canadian drunks are racists rude no manners no respect so please stay on your side of the street please and thank u.

To wfp thanks again for allowing me to air hats off and a high 5!
yes I read your whole story 15 years ago when I moved here.

I feel what u went through.
why they did the same to me.
they took off my front door to see if I was lying I wasnt lying so the cops can go to hell too but I let it go. But Wfp I applaud ur strength to continue ur fight for ur accountability. U deserve ur closure too. I do hope u receive it.
But in the mean time ladies and gentlemen the booze scene in can a duh over rides ur truth future and accountability and it’s sad! And I give up I’m too old for this stupid crap. I seen how booze destroys I guess I have to watch them really blow shit up before anyone acts it’s sad.!!
But police be on ur best behavior and courts are u that stupid yep they is danny. Ok I tried and like I thought no the drunks aren’t going to win they are now that’s sad. hockey stick and beer nation with their youth as zombies. wow. while Brics and China show the world that indeed that it takes brains to survive not stupid booze.
Can A Duh u drank urselfs away.
we all say this self inflicted!!

To wfp thanks ladies and gentlemen thanks for ur understanding time care and effort thank u!!!!!!

To Can A Duh put down the booze bottles and get a real life if not ur kids have no future.
oh by the way. My mantra
canadians immigrants please apply to have kids.
why rural canada is popping out to many kids without marriage fathers and hope. the females are having to many kids with to many fathers!
Only in can a duh is this country ok.
I ve been on this planet for 63 yrs and instead of it getting better north America has gotten worse.

why the 4 races have killed it because they drank it all away and the rest of the world is laughing yeah!
So wfp my best
And to All will u ever wake up!
nope off to the lcbo they go wow.
Great years to All
Thanks wfp

Huron East Still Has Hope

Ladies and gentlemen of Huron County the fight to get a 1 seat democracy in Huron east Has Some Hope Still!

How the the file went registered
mail to the Ontario Ombudsman
To see if they can help with our 21 St century request.

A proper 1 seat democracy
a proper aged and qualified fire chief.
Water meters stop the outside hockey rinks and pools seniors pay for these things.
Stop the internet voting they forced on the people.
A blind guy to run a multi million dollar corporation no thanks.
2 idiot ward reps who do dick no thanks.
A stupid Mayor has to go due to lack of leadership and lack of true democracy.
All people should go back to school. why!
to learn booze and sugar are bad for u bullying and racism has to go and don’t be lazy.
And do something about this no democracy in the 21 st century in huron east! they do this on purpose so the new families cant run or wont run under a messed up 2 seat what. Crookedness!

that’s why they do this to save their high school buddies paying jobs.
Plus the 2 seat system they have takes away the peoples accountability right too wake up people!
they say no one runs how u stupid drunks how in a 2 seat system that does not exist in a 1 seat democracy u fools!
please if u have questions go self educate or get educated but this 2 seat crooked crap has to go!
Again are u people OK!
Be Safe everyone walk Tall

In a democratic system it’s a 1 seat best platform wins not the drunken way of a 2 seat their system is shown their idiots drunks and maybe perhaps on meth. but we do know booze and pills and meth are the way to go in Huron County!
it shows a what 2vseat democracy what yep what again what the fallen soldiers have been in vain because huron east still to this day do not know what a real democracy is how sad.
I know I’m a idiot at least I’m not a drunk pill head meth or sugar idiot. Oh and I go scoop my own spring water I trust No One!!
But wait here comes the what.
I say to those just go have a good day and help the communities stop dragging them down pick them UP!!!!!!

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