North Huron Fire Finally Calls Off Attack On Ontario Fire Marshal & Buck & Jo’s – WFP Fears 50 – 60 More Victims – Year Of Hell Comes To End? #StandYourGround #WinghamWakening

North Huron staff have finally officially called off their attack on Buck & Jo’s, missing deadlines while offering threats and abuse of power. During North Huron’s attack video camera(s) were rolling. Bernie bailey’s bitch boy claimed he has done this to 50-60 other businesses, that could help explain a decimated Josephine St. “You are actually proud of that aren’t you!” was the response.

“I’m not trying to be nasty” claimed bbb (bernie’s bitch boy) “you don’t even have to try anymore do you” was the response.

Full transcript available if mr. roess does not resign or is fired for cause.

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