Hostage Situation In Wingham Over BIA Abuse And Neglect – #StandYourGround #WinghamWakening #BoulevardBoycott

The following was sent to the current head of the Wingham BIA.

Mr. Doug Kuyvenhoven I am revoking my permission for you or your designate to cut the grass at XXX Josephine St. No trespass signs will be posted later today unless you are immediately forthcoming with answers to the questions previously submitted, or your resignation. In effect, this patch of land is being held hostage until you are forthcoming with answers or your resignation.

The next step will be an aggressive Public awareness campaign to defund the Wingham BIA and for a change of its leadership, that may include a 4 foot by 8 foot billboard/banner in a prominent place in Wingham. I trust that we have known each other long enough for you to know my level of determination and persistence. Every BIA member MUST be treated equally regardless of your petty grievances or prejudices. If you refuse or lack the capacity to do that, then your resignation is clearly in order.

Mr. Kuyvenhoven I have attempted to get answers to our questions several times. Once at a BIA meeting where you declined to answer, and stated you would answer my questions at the annual general meeting. I attended that meeting and you still refused, in fact you lost control of the meeting and allowed your “business of the year” to scream out that questions were somehow disrespectful.

I allowed you to cut the grass so I could have a discussion with you, but at one point you literally plugged your ears and made noise so you couldn’t hear, much like a small child would do. I have also emailed you several times to no avail. Now that you are not allowed to cut my grass, you should have plenty of time to fulfill your actual BIA duties.

Below are the questions again, they should take less time to answer than cutting my grass.

I have a few questions for confirmation and/or clarification focused on the $40,000 digital sign.

What other options were considered before deciding on the sign?

What initiatives have the BIA undertaken to promote the downtown core?

Were all the businesses in town notified there was going to be $40,000 spent on a sign.

Were businesses informed the sign would be used for “community events”?

Were businesses informed that they would not be allowed to advertise on the sign?

What “Community events” were going to be allowed to advertise on the sign?

Which Community groups were approached regarding advertising on the sign?

Due to the conflict of interest, will you confirm that the sign will not be used in any way to promote Maitland River Community Church or events sponsored by the church?

Was there a vote by the businesses regarding the sign, if so when?

What future initiatives are being considered to ensure the business isn’t taken away from Josephine St by development along hwy 86?

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