Councillors To Boycott Council Meeting Out Of Fear #Cowards #WinghamWakening

Sources have told WFP that at least two North Huron councillors claim they will not be attending the next meeting on 08Sept2020 out of fear.

This fear isn’t for their personal safety. They fear if charges are laid that night they will be questioned by their victims in Goderich court when the charges are fought. When NH Reeve neil vincent and officer Mc Perjury were forced to answer questions regarding the August Atrocities, all their lies and corruption were exposed in a humiliating fashion.

Hopefully these councillors can overcome their cowardice and attend the 08Sept2020 6pm council meeting at Wingham Town Hall. Last meeting they physically assaulted a Citizen for asking a question and attempted to accuse the victim of assault. They will stoop to any level to keep double taxing you and to steal all our Public lands.

Click here for council contact information.

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