Anti Maskers Score Massive Victory – #JoinAnti-MaskerMovement

Anti-maskers across Ontario are celebrating a massive victory as they near completion of their mission, shutdown of our economy. The last 2-3 weeks has seen a surge in their efforts, and it has paid off huge for them. The main goals of the anti-maskers is to kill off as many people in long term care homes as possible, and shut our economy down in an attempt to shut the government down before a vaccine can be distributed.

Dozens of locals working in Wingham businesses have been verbally abused, some made to cry. Anti maskers insist they have a God given Right to breath and spit upon whomever they wish, and that their Covid ridden saliva should be received as holy water by those lucky enough to be spewed upon.

They know it would be much quicker to just go to the long term care homes and spit directly into the mouths of our seniors to infect them, as they should be easy to hold down. Maybe that will be their next tactic if the shutdown isn’t forthcoming.

If you love yelling at store employees, killing old people to help save the government pension money, or you are just a regular plain asshole, please continue to go maskless. Those old folks can’t infect themselves!

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