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OPP Caught On Video Creating Lie To Justify Illegal Search In Court – Officer Repeatedly States He Didn’t Smell Cannabis Then Agrees To Lie

OPP Officer 2: Ok, let’s say “you smelled cannabis”
OPP Officer 1: Sure, yeah.
OPP Officer 2: Let’s say that.
OPP Officer 1: That’s fine.

That’s how easy it is for the OPP to fabricate a story and to destroy someone’s reputation, dignity and future. Their victims are normally out thousands of dollars in legal fees and have to take time off work to defend against this grotesque abuse by the police. It’s their word against yours in court, unless you video record it.

December 20th Kyle Pickering, a 27 year-old from Mitchell was followed by a marked OPP cruiser for 8kms from Mitchell to Dublin. Eventually the officer pulled over the vehicle under the pretense of suspicion of impaired driving. 

What followed was captured on video by the victim. The phone was seized and video evidence was deleted by OPP officers. The victim later recovered the video.

The officer claims his victim was pulled over under suspicion of impaired driving. The OPP officer did not notice any signs of impairment and no demand for a breath test was made.  At this point more OPP officers are on route to the scene and the victim is video recording.

The officer then claims to smell cannabis and opens the victim’s car door and demands to search the vehicle.

The victim truthfully states there is no marijuana in the vehicle. 

The officer attempts to forcibly remove the victim from his vehicle. 

The victim objected and demanded to speak to the officer’s supervisor.

Instead of waiting for the backup officers to confirm the odor of marijuana and legal grounds for a search, the officer assaulted the victim, seized his phone and searched his vehicle.

No drugs were found during the illegal search.

The officers are then caught on video discussing how they need to say they smelled cannabis to make the search appear legal in court.

Once the officers realize the victim’s phone is still recording, they delete the video.

The victim recovered the deleted video.

15 replies on “OPP Caught On Video Creating Lie To Justify Illegal Search In Court – Officer Repeatedly States He Didn’t Smell Cannabis Then Agrees To Lie”

Looks like the opp decided to comment, anonymous Jan 11, 2021 at 4:55PM
Does the OPP officer that posted that realize it’s illegal to discuss or hint towards police encounter records from cpic publicly and if proven that can be considered slander and a breach of trust. Easy as tracking the IP address affiliated with that comment. Not to smart are we?

Officers are not above the law! Till one day they stop the wrong person! Someone opens a can of whoop ass on the officer! I hope I live to see that day!

Whenever any other citizen does an “illegal” act it is punishable by law, the same law which these officers are suppose to uphold and enforce. An “illegal” search by officers happens ALL THE TIME! If this wasnt recorded, nothing would come of it and the cops would be ripping someone else from their car against their will the very next night. Maybe if police were held accountable for their actions they wouldnt be out there carrying on like they are above the law and you have to do what they tell you. Many charges get thrown out in court because they turn out to be from an “illegal” search, but it takes thousands of dollars in legal fees, days off work to appear in court, and a name being dragged through the mud for that to happen. If police are held accountable for their actions and appropriately punished this shit wouldnt happen and our system would run so much smoother, go to any court and you will see a jammed packed unorganized mess and nobody knows what the hell is going on!

OPP lie in court? Naaaahhh. Couldn’t happen, could it? Best experience I’ve ever had with these c’un’ts is when a friend of mine decided to challenge a ticket. I went with him for … moral support (I held his weed while he was on the stand). We watched the cop flip through his ticket book for a couple of minutes. The judge was getting pissed and asked the cop if he had any evidence. He had to reply that he had not. Judge said buddy was free to go. We almost made it into the lobby when we both laughed so hard and so loud, they must have heard us 4 courtrooms away!

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