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Wingham Victims Scammed Out Of Over $600,000 – Will The Lions Sleep Tonight?

The agenda package has been released for Monday’s council meeting. The agenda package clearly shows that victims/taxpayers were forced to pay $1.2 million dollars for the water line they installed last summer out to Hutton Heights. Numerous studies and plans were also paid for by the taxpayers/victims.

Council recently made a backroom deal to sell the Hutton Heights property for only $650,000 ($6,300/lot). 

To be clear, the council spent over $1.2 million to sell a property for $650,000. Just like the airport deal, it was not listed on MLS and the public wasn’t notified. They also refuse to release the appraisals they got done for the properties before they sold them. Now you know why taxes have to jump 20%.

The next council meeting is Monday 20Mar2023, 6:00pm at Wingham Town Hall. At the last council meeting members of the Wingham Lions Club stood their ground against the council. Monday morning, tens of thousands from all across Canada will be waiting to see, and will be wondering, will the Lions sleep tonight?

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