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Tempers Flare Again In Goderich Court – The System vs The People #BuckTheSystem

Gregory Stewart, notorious enemy of freedom and justice, will be representing The System at the courthouse in Goderich,12Jan2023 @10am. Stewart is defending Huron Perth Public Health’s (HPPH) right not to answer questions, power of armed inspections, and right to issue false statements to the public to penalize anyone that challenged their authority or asked a question. Many of you remember Mr. Stewart from the multi-million dollar real estate scandal in Wingham.

The People will be represented by Buck & Jo, a couple of grandparents that kicked out an armed OPP officer after he refused to answer questions. The video of the tiny grandmother standing up to HPPH and a masked armed OPP officer went viral, shaming the segregation enforcement team. Hundreds from across the province then flocked to Wingham to show support and help defend the Front Line painted at the threshold of the business. “The line must be drawn here, this far, and no further.”

This will be the 7th visit to court for the victims of Stewart and HPPH, despite Buck & Jo being ready to go on day one. Once a parasitic lawyer latches on to persecute a case (bylaw or HPPH), their only goal is to increase their billable hours and drag it out as long as possible, that is how they make their livelihood. 

Tempers will flare again in court if Mr. Stewart attempts to cover up, or exclude any facts or videos. All those attending are encouraged to bring their own bail money.

Below is a 10 minute version of all 4 confrontations with HPPH, including the 12Nov holding of the line.

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