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Restaurant Makes Mockery Of Town Hall’s So-called Authority – North Huron To Setup “Standards Council” #AllHuffNoPuff

Bylaw officers across Ontario are standing down after they were forced to acknowledge they have zero authority on private land. Most came to this realization after they attempted to force members of the Public to remove F🍁ck Trudeau flags from their home and/or businesses.

The Mayor/Reeve of Wingham was rudely woken when the OPP stood down and refused to act on his complaint of  F🍁ck Trudeau flags at Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham. Sadly for council the Wingham Police were disbanded years prior, and the police no longer blindly do their bidding. Their bylaw enforcement officer was their last hope at bullying people into submission and compliance to their arbitrary demands.

A desperate NH council is striking back and will be setting up a Shadow Council, composed solely of themselves, to decide “standards”. This “standards council” will unconstitutionally grant themselves perpetual notwithstanding powers in an attempt to scare the public into blind unquestioning compliance.

Next council meeting is 19Dec2022, 6pm Wingham Town Hall.

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