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Public Furious Over Secret Trailer Park Meetings & Theft – Reeve & Deputy Reeve Facing Fraud Allegations #TheShameOfCanada

Despite only a dozen or so Citizens knowing about the secret meeting/discussion, they showed up and made a strong impact as they called out councillors, Rona & the Eelman family over their theft of Wingham’s trailer park.

To make things even worse, the Reeve and Deputy Reeve had to recuse themselves from the discussion regarding the trailer park, as they had a conflict. When bernie bailey and trevor seip recused themselves it was clear to even the blindest/brainwashed out there something was horribly wrong/corrupt at Town Hall.

Corruption and greed has infected more at Wingham Town Hall, and the video of the last council meeting makes it clear to even the slowest of learners. Covid and physical assaults have been used to keep the Public away and in the dark while all our Public lands are stolen by councillors and their family and friends.

Please watch the video for yourself to hear local heroes confronting council over their fraud/thefts. The next council meeting is 17Jan2022 at 6pm. NOTE: Meetings were moved to 6pm to reduce public attendance/input. If you go to the meeting you will be ignored and you will likely miss supper with your family.

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