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Pro-Virus Slaughter Crew & Supremacists Lock Down Ontario – You Were Warned! #AssholeDanger #3MillionDead

Pro-virus supporters holding super spreader events have caused mass loss of life and livelihoods across Ontario, forcing Doug Ford to take extreme measures to save lives. These pro-virus advocates believe the virus’s right to propagate is more important than the lives of their fellow humans. The pro-virus slaughter crew (AKA anti-maskers) and those that believe they are superior/better than everyone else in their Community are directly responsible for the virus-storm we are now in.

Before the apocalypse you could identify these future anti-maskers by their refusal to hold doors open for others, shoving seniors that are moving too slow, spitting on store windows, kicking puppies, stomping baby bunnies, and other deeds that show that others are inferior and deserve zero respect. Misanthropes that believe they have a Right to cough and sneeze in your face, and you have no Rights when they are present. Now you can easily identify them by their infantile tantrums, excuses and un-masked faces. When parents are out with their children and see an unmasked individual they should point and yell “Asshole Danger!” instead of whispering it as they currently do.

There was one basic rule, that if followed would have stopped the spread of Covid-19 a year ago saving thousands of lives and financial ruin across Ontario, and that was to keep your distance from other humans and if you can’t, mask up. Sadly the double-digitters believe the virus is fake and 3 million people have faked their deaths globally. You just can’t fix this level of stupidity and that is why Ontario had to go into lockdown.

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