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Police/Criminals Loot Towed Vehicles – VIDEO #EndThePoliceState

What really happened in Ottawa was caught on live stream videos. It was one of the world’s most peaceful demonstrations. One senator even stated ‘I have never felt more safe walking home at night….it was like a typical friendly small town’. 

Windows smashed, cash looted, vehicles damaged, friends & family & pets threatened and  livelihoods destroyed. Typically those actions are done by “protestors” and not our so-called police. In Ottawa 100% of violence, looting, bloodshed, window smashing were instigated by the police. 

In a premeditated crime spree the so-called police looted the towed vehicles of all cash, lowered all windows in the vehicles to let the snow in, turned the key & lights on to drain the batteries, smashed all windows in some cars/pickups, left some vehicles running, and even posted warning signs to fellow criminals that some vehicles may be live streaming and should be avoided. 

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