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Pedophile Purge Underway – More Churches Burned To The Ground – Justin Trudeau Admits Being Member Of Pedo-club #WinghamWakening

More pedo-palaces were burned to the ground last night in Canada as victims and those of good conscience take long overdue action. This movement is getting international attention. North Huron still refuses to lower the Canadian flag to honor those in the 750+ unmarked graves recently located, as they believe it would shame their Catholic supporters. 

Justin Trudeau is a proud member of the world’s most notorious pedophile ring and even shamelessly declared it on national tv by stating he is still a member of the group (Catholic Church). 

While the rape and murder of children is seen as deplorable by most, our politicians disagree. Politicians such as Justin Trudeau and North Huron council led by bernie bailey believe that child murdering rapists represent enough votes they would lose the next election and their paychecks if they stood up to baby murder and rape. In return for these votes the groups get to maintain their massive tax breaks, and even get free rent at the Complex in Wingham, forcing taxpayers to subsidize these criminals and their child raping.

If you don’t have the courage to stand-up to child rapists and child murderers, you are as repugnant as they are, and it makes you a virtual accomplice. What ever happened to “We stand on guard for thee”?

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Someone needs to get the license plate numbers of ever vehicle in parking lot of every catholic church & post them online so the public can take care of all these diddlers and those that financially support and defend them.

Every Catholic is to blame! How do you not get that? You endorse raping and killing kids with your support and weekly donations/blackmail money you hand over to pay off billions in sex abuse settlements. #KillTheDiddlers&TheirSupporters

I live on the other side of Wingham but I can send my drone. It’ll freak them out and I’ll be able to get video of all the plates and most of the faces of the pedophiles going in to support the murdering pedophiles. I’ll try to be ready for next Sunday. #SaveOurChildren

Let’s start with “Diddler Doug” & Simon Chairello at Mailtland River Church! Too bad they burned down the wrong place (Green’s) when captain diddler was a next door.

I know right! Whatever happened to the days when you could rape and murder children without being judged! People getting their hate on over a few thousand raped and murdered babies, get over it people! Like you never fucked a kid or killed anyone! 4 more years for Justin and Bernie Bailey, and show us where the graves are so we can piss on them in Justin & Bernie’s name.

I don’t Get It
Over in Europe ex. Germany they pay tax the churches pay a property tax and other’s.
But here nope why not! why are they special?
This invisible man from the church will get u too.
Time to monitor these churches start by hitting them where it hurts the most.
Their money tax the crap out of them and let them pay for the hall monitors.
We need to protect others from religion’s and wow that catholic one needs to go back to school or abolish it all together. Racism rape pedio greed power control sheeple
Over what!!!!! That invisible Man not a woman but a man.
wait it’s super C the religion that gave them a book a blanket with small pox don’t forget that booze and the big one white man and religion the gun. yeah.this is the white man’s way with that dash of religion on top.
The church and the white man say ah too bad they were just crazy indians anyways.
Their booze then the white man says look their crazy on their booze yeah lol lol ah ha ah that’s the white and way.
800 USA military bases in the world why. pushing the whitemans way.
tobacco sugar the whiteman taketh while the natives turn into slaves and fun toys.
Yeah Can A Duh
Can A Duh what Can A Duh
wait Stanley cup means Can A Duh is full of whitemans booze disrespects and fights it’s the Can A Duh way.
Can A Duh didn’t send in the troops to kill the natives were none so they used their famous weapon. Religion booze and their home made virus like today! sheeple but Can A Duh is too drunk to ever wake up that’s why the religions were and are getting away with sin while the sheeple are all drunk and simply just don’t care!
Tax the churches sheeple wakeup!!!!!!!!!
May the body of christ be with u All!!!! ah ha ah lol lol lol
pass the booze blanket and book please ah ha ah ha lol lol ba ba ba
what is a lowering of a flag going to do really think about it a flag wow. hey here’s a flag wow. gee thanks. red white
red white and blue wow nice colours so what. Russia is red white and blue france dutch britts anyone else. Flags wow who cares.wheres the flag of the catholic church. ok creative people what kind of a flag would u fly for ur favorite church. need a logo a flag for these idiots too. wait no flag means their nothing! So they Are what Special! Ah ha ha ha
lol lol can a duh hockey time fists and booze let’s get ater!
lol lol lol ah ha ah ha ha. Please Church forgive Me lol lol lol
ur sins are washed now go!
What more sins yep u bet have Fun!!! that priest needs that wine get it into them!!!
Funny more man made poison oh well that’s Can A Duh!!!

I’m surprised you can spell such a big word like Anonymous.
Maybe we should round all the other people that are somehow connected with all the pass wars aswell?
Kill two birds with one stone.
Give your head a shake and stop painting everyone with the same brush.

Anyone that joins a group and finds out that it is run by a group of murderous pedophiles AND decides to stay in the group AND to help pay for their bills, perversions, child rape settlements and genocide expenses is a pedophile too. “Dave”, pull you head outta your ass and your cock outta that choir-boy and leave the pedo-paradise and turn yourself in to the police. At the very least denounce pedophilia and child murder, but you won’t, and I think we all know why. Clearly you are using a pseudonym and your name really isn’t “Dave Morrison” unless your are completely retarded and don’t care that you are destroying the “Morrison” family name.

I feel like the catholic church has harbored many dark secrets for decades but I don’t believe every one is evil, I think that every last church be investigated by an external group not the church or the government and I think that they should have a criteria they have to fulfill that protects everyone and promotes honesty and I think that given the circumstances every catholic church and extensions of the catholic church be shut down until they prove they aren’t pedophiles and freaks but to condemn every last catholic is no different than saying every black person is a criminal or every native drinks it’s a stereo type we need to evolve as people harness that anger and resent into determination and faith

Why does the priest like showering with 13 year old boys dave? ………..
when they get their hair wet… they look 9 👀
We will never have a future on earth with Adam and Steve …
Maybe the cathedral should start paying for their mistakes eh ??
Bunch of fucking boy bangin aliens



How abouts every cock suckin little boy bangin Native Slaying Catholic pack er up and get the fuck off these native lands!
I am embarrassed to even walk on this land anymore knowing what really happened to the natives … it’s literally making me fuckin insane now .

Natives have been bullied since our ancestors first arrived here. So it takes diggin up the dead for all of you to make a stand. Wake the fuck up. Hold those accountable for punishment not religion.

Thinkb4uspeak….I suggest that you think before you speak..indiginous peoples loath the word natives. Please use the proper identifier for indiginous people…

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