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OPP Reprisals, Threats, Evidence Tampering, Refusal To Wear Body Cameras & Collusion Triggers Further Collapse In Confidence

There is near zero confidence the OPP will perform their duties without prejudice. Even those that proclaim to support the OPP believe that those who stand up to them will be denied service/protection, a potentially deadly scenario. 

Many believe the OPP will just do a “wellness check” and abuse or kill anyone that speaks up, or doesn’t show immense fear/respect. More than often they simply claim they were assaulted, the victim resisted, or some other crime where it will be their word against their victim’s word in court. The police always win in court, unless you have video evidence showing the truth.

Reprisals were swift after a Wingham restaurant declared it would not serve armed OPP members, or anyone carrying a firearm, exposing even more corruption among the OPP. This ban will be in effect until the OPP wear and use body cameras. The owners of the restaurant were overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement from the community. 

Shipments of low cost body cameras are now en route to Wingham for members of the Public, to help protect them from unaccountable OPP officers. “If the OPP won’t wear body cameras, we have to.” There is no reason for the OPP not to wear and use body cameras. If they have nothing to hide, then they shouldn’t mind using body cameras.

Video record all police interactions! 

It’s time everything they say will be used against them in court. 

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