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OPP Banned From Wingham Restaurant – Staff & Customers Uncomfortable Around The Armed & Unaccountable #FTP #FilmThePolice

Effective immediately OPP members are not allowed to enter Buck & Jo’s, a Wingham restaurant. Staff and Customers do not feel comfortable around anyone that is carrying a firearm, even more so when those armed individuals are unaccountable. No one should be above the law. If anyone enters Buck & Jo’s carrying a loaded firearm expecting/demanding “free” coffee and/or donuts, 911 will be called and they will be video recorded. OPP officers are only allowed when invited or with a warrant.

As more videos and victims of OPP corruption/abuse come forth, the fear of the police is at an all time high in Wingham. Numerous law abiding citizens have expressed terror of the OPP. Citizens are afraid to drive for fear of being pulled over, and full grown adults are afraid to speak up publicly for fear of police retaliation. 

Virtually every customer at Buck & Jo’s in the last 2 years has had a bad interaction with the police, or one of their friends and family have. One of the owners of Buck & Jo’s was instrumental in disbanding the Wingham police after they arrested him at a council meeting for suspicion of recording a public council meeting. Town staff, councillors, Reeve and officer Kevin MacAdam lied, deleted body camera footage, signed false statements and committed perjury. Despite their overwhelming collusion, they lost due to Wingham Cop Watch video recording the evening from multiple angles. Police corruption is real. The Wingham police were disbanded shortly after.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to video record all police interactions.

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this is very disrespectful and disgusting. Who is the first people they call if they are in need of assistance if someone for example is breaking into their houses.

Police are causing unnecessary deaths as a direct result of their inappropriate actions in uniform all across Canada and the USA at epidemic proportions. They are NOT being held accountable because they are being reviewed and investigated by their own staff.

The guy just had to step out of the car!!! Don’t try to be some hot shot, do what the bell you are asked and everything would be fine!! What the hell is so difficult??? Do t blame the police for people who want to be tough guys!!

Police in Ontario are highly regulated with overwatch. the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OPIRD), Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Human Rights and in house Professional Standards. So you are mis informed about police accountability. What examples of “unnecessary death” do you draw from. Use of Force protocols are in place for all police officers in Ontario, and any use of force that causes injury is investigated by the independent SIU. I think it best that you research prior to making errant and misleading comments.

The police should remember they live in small towns to they should learn to look the other way let the little shit go if we need them we will call why not stand up and police our own community if there’s issues find alternative measures of dealing with them or control them police are people to but why be an asshole In uniform by day and a buddy drinking beer playing slow pitch at night

Wow, just step the hell out of your car like you were asked!!! He could have been on his way in minutes but NO he had to be tough guy!!! What an idiot!!

The OPP have always been Canada’s most corrupt law enforcement agency. Whether it be the Commissioners ties to the mob in the Seventies, the debacle in Caledonia since 2006, compliance with the McGuinty government on gas plant emails, or the numerous examples of rouge officers using their power for personal gain, it’s always been dirty. Doug Ford tried to insert some new blood at the top with Ron Taverner, however the status quo arose to block it. If it smells like dog poop and looks like dog poop, it’s probably dog poop

I know 3 people that have had video delete from their phones by fellow OPP officers in the last month alone. This is criminal behavior! The few bad apples make us all look bad. Many of us oppose what Garniss does to his victims. Well done Kyle! You are a hero and inspiration to many! 👏👏👏👏👏

I expect most cops would’t darken the door of this place anyway. Being run by cop haters, who knows what would end up in their food.

This is literally one of the dumbest things I’ve read in quite a long time! Is this even for real? ….. is this satire? Yikes.

First it was the Wingham Police Service that this so called freepress hated on, now its the OPP. The editor of the WFP is a hate monger, no better than Donald Trump. This so called editor needs to be put out of his or her misery, I for one am sick and tired of all the lies and half lies and out right misleading news that is printed here. The OPP do an amazing job for the most part, yes there are a few bad eggs, but they are always outed sooner or later. On a closing note, this Wingham Free Press needs to be shut down, and I will do my best to see that it ends. No one needs this crap spewing from the mouth, of a total moron.

IDKWTFUATA, Buck & Jo’s is like going to Grandma’s for breakfast. Great place! I always leave with a smile. F the h8ers.

As a retired Police Officer I find this appalling and laughable and dangerous. Wing ham is not backwoods southern Georgia in the 60’s. At least I didn’t think it was. I worked in the busiest downtown division in the country, but had the option of living far in the suburbs. That suited me. I didn’t want to mix business with pleasure. When I transferred to a small town Police Force, again I lived a half hour away. But some Officers don’t have that luxury. As much as I may have complained at times about the job, there was a chain of command, rules and regs, procedures about conduct. On one hand, if this dipshit donut shop want to keep the cops out fine. Sounds like the clientele are a fine upstanding lot who would never do anything to cause a disruption anyway. And if so they should be left to self mediate any occurrence. Outrageous that this should happen in our country and province. It should do wonders for future tourism for the town when they find that average Police response time is triple the time than to what their neighbours experience. Marking Wingham off my bucket list.

Mike mayo

So really your living up to what has been said about corrupted cops. Just because a wingham restaurant owner is concerned with his or her safety of local law enforcements. That gives you the right to make emergency response times triple? We all need to defund and re educate the police they have lost their way.

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