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One Death Needed To End Canada’s Crisis – Police Brutality Triggers Convoys & Marches Across Canada #YouWereWarned #DeathOfFear

“We don’t speak baton, we don’t speak tear gas, we don’t speak horse, we speak English.”

The Freedom Movement grows 10 fold every time the government overreaches and tramples our Rights. To all those advocating violence, the only death needed to end the crisis in Canada is the Death of Fear. In Ottawa we saw hundreds lined up to take their beating, just to show the world exactly how brutal and uncaring jt’s so-called government is.

The first wave: Last September the government of Ontario targeted restaurants, threatening them with $100,000 fines, revocation of business licenses, shutting down of their business, police presence for “inspections”, and a smear campaign crippling their business if it survived. About half a dozen restaurants epically stood their ground in Ontario, raising awareness on a national level. Hundreds of Freedom Fighters raced to these businesses with video cameras on the ready to defend our Charter Rights or record violations, which were plentiful.

The next wave of oppression was against the thousands Demonstrators heading to Ottawa. The name calling and smear campaign by the Prime Minister offended virtually everyone outside of jt’s bubble, and tens of thousand of Freedom Fighters headed to Ottawa and lined overpasses with their video cameras on the ready as they knew what was coming. A bully’s actions are incredibly easy to predict.

The next wave was against the 50,000 -100,000 peaceful Demonstrators, Freedom supporters, those donating, and the tow truck operators that refused to tow their brethren and violate their Rights. Jt responded by threatening massive fines, imprisonment, revocation of licenses & insurance, seizing of bank accounts, seizing of pets and taking their children away. They also threatened to target their co-workers and anyone showing any support for the Demonstration. That’s why Erik & Christian had to leave, two heroes that stood their ground until their friends and family were threatened by the government. 

The Death of Fear is spreading as 500,000 – 1,000,000 are expected to take to the streets in the coming weeks across Canada & the USA. Any further brutal crackdowns by police will trigger an even bigger backlash from the Public.

To be clear, virtually every person in Ottawa was there to “demonstrate” to Canada & the world that our governments don’t care about our Rights and will do virtually anything to avoid answering a question or two. Those living in North Huron have been keenly aware of those facts for quite some time. These Demonstrators accomplished their mission and video documented countless beatings and 100+ police “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS” checkpoints across the city. Mission accomplished on an international level!

Once the death of fear reaches every household in Canada and every Citizen has the courage to stand up for themselves and their neighbors, the power they took from the People will return to the People. At that point no amount of hate/fear mongering will ever divide Canada again, nor will Canadians allow their PM to teach everyone to hate again.

Do whatever you can legally do to increase awareness. Please share anywhere you are “allowed” to.

Ottawa’s Greatest Hits – Warning: Contains images of police brutality.

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