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NH Councilors Facing 5+ Year Jail Term For Fraud, Breach Of Trust, Theft Of Public Lands, Abuse of Power – #CandidateX

(Wingham) Several people in North Huron have stated they will be running in the upcoming municipal election, and are promising to hold the current council to account for their crimes against the People. The deadline for nominations is 19Aug2022 for the election on 24Oct2022. “Candidate X” is planning on running for North Huron council and plans on revealing their identity after nominations are closed 19Aug.

Candidate X is promising to lower Wingham’s tax rate which is nearly 2X that of the surrounding areas due to mass over staffing, to end corruption & government overreach, and ditch the so-called law firms and “consultants” that bleed us dry and sustain the high taxes and corruption.

All unconstitutional by-laws will be rescinded and the Public will be allowed to ask questions again before, during and after the meeting according to Candidate X. 

Legal experts estimate each current North Huron councilor could be facing 5-10 years in prison for their actions/inactions over the last 4 years.

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