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Meth-heads Flocking To Wingham With Council Support – Residents Blindsided & Outraged #BusThemToStratford

The 03Oct2022 council meeting was held via Zoom. Sources state this was for security reasons due to the increased number of threats regarding the recent real estate scandals now going viral. 

It was revealed at the council meeting that they spent taxpayer money on setting up a meth-head support center (MHSC), set to open soon. Wingham residents were blindsided and outraged over the secrecy and lack of community consultation. 

The “tent cities” currently at the edges of Wingham are base camps for those that burgal our homes, steal from local businesses, and you have likely heard about the pedophiles recently arrested. Don’t worry, council has their backs, and has already spent $5,000 of your taxpayer money on helping set up a “shoot-up, shower & shave” at 19 John St. East. 

Council repeatedly stated they wanted to draw more people to Wingham, the Public had no idea they meant homeless meth-heads. Josephine St is already littered with staggering methers that sleep on benches, yell at street signs, spray paint buildings, leave used needles around and target our children. Don’t worry, council has it under control, they will now have a place to shower, shave and shoot-up, that way they don’t have to shower when they burgle your home and can concentrate on stealing more of your stuff.

The meth-head support center (MHSC) will be located at St. Paul’s Church, 19 John St. East.

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