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Media Blackout & Recording Ban For All Candidates Meeting – Free Handcuff Key Offer #EndCorruption

There will be a recording ban at tomorrow night’s (29Sept2022) All Candidates Meeting. The Public will not be allowed to video record themselves asking a question, or record the responses from the Candidates. Candidates can not record themselves for their own protection, nor will the Public be “allowed” to record the Candidates opening statements, responses or closing statements. The ban also prevents the traditional media from covering the event to their fullest ability.

At least one Candidate is going to openly defy this blackout/ban and record the meeting for their own protection. Several members of the Public have vowed to record the meeting despite the risk of arrest. This has prompted one Candidate to offer a free “Vote Buck” handcuff key to anyone that video records the meeting and posts it online, or gets arrested trying to do so.

The All Candidates Meeting starts at 7pm at Wingham Town Hall, Thursday 29Sept2022.

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