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Massive Rights Victory – Bylaw Department No Authority On Private Land In Ontario

North Huron bylaw enforcement has declared they have no authority on private property by standing down and refusing to violate the Rights of the owners of Buck & Jo’s in the heart of Wingham.

The debate across Ontario has ended on whether or not so-called municipal governments have notwithstanding powers to violate the rights of those that they swore an oath to serve. 

Municipal bylaw enforcement officers do not have more power than a police officer or a judge. They never did, except on property owned by the corporation they were hired to enforce bylaws on. A bylaw officer has the same rights as a property owner when it comes to public land and therefore can enter without warrant to inspect property/buildings owned by the corporation/municipality they work for.

It was once believed that “Town Hall” had the authority to violate charter rights on a broad spectrum of issues from, if and how many pets you can own, if you can have a chicken, when to cut your grass, and how tidy you must keep your room/house.

Municipalities are corporations set up to provide services to their customers. They are service providers and we are customers of their services. If you don’t pay for the services you used they can put a lien on your property, much like any contractor can.

All corporations have their own bylaws to set standards of service etc. Those bylaws apply to the corporation, not to their customers. You wouldn’t allow your phone service provider to force their corporate bylaws on you, why would you allow your water and sewer provider too?

No one has the power to violate your rights, not even the corporation you get your water, sewer and garbage pickup from.

North Huron’s bylaw enforcement officer Nancy Small [email protected] should be applauded for her heroism helping restore rights across Ontario by helping shed light on this government overreach.

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