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KuyvenDrone Nearly Takes Out Alleged WFP Founder(s) One Block From F.E. Madill High School #EndTheDougClub #WinghamWakening

Late this afternoon a new member of the Kuyvenhoven Kult drove his vehicle at high speed through a stop sign one block from our High School and hit alleged Wingham Free Press co-founder(s), injuring one. The assailant openly admitted he was just hired through one of Doug Kuyvenhoven’s businesses, Royal Homes.  You may know doug from his OPP bashing, Wingham BIA child luring sign scandal, or his Maitland River Community Church and their child diddling scandal. 

The new Kuyvenhoven Kult member/assassin claimed he was new to the area, and that’s why he sped through the stop sign. Apparently Wingham’s unique stop signs aren’t recognized by out-of-towners despite our arrogant belief they are globally recognized. The new doug club member also claimed he was too busy looking for street signs to see the stop sign. 

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Whaay TOOooo Fucking far Doug! You want war, you win! We know what you did, and what you are doing. All means necessary now you POS. Resign from the BIA and leave town ASAP or face the fire. It’s a shame they accidently burned down the wrong place last summer, only a few doors away! #SaveOurChildren #WeAreLegion

Ok. Idk wtf. You insane people are talking about. I honestly know nothing about what you are saying I know the guy. He’s been at his job for like a week he was out working in Alberta. For years he Was on the way to to hospital and was t boned Again. He was fucking t boned. The guy lived 4 houses away from the accident and was going fast enough to make his car do several 360 and cave in the whole side ! His car is totaled. And he has to figure out how to get to work He’s knows 4 people in Huron and Perth county other than that it’s London Ontario and bc Alberta So you think he’s an assassin!!!!! Lmfao. No he’s just a regular guy. That got t boned by someone doing 3 times the speed limit. Honestly get a life. Maybe if you do you’ll have less time to judge everyone else’s. and all the complete and disgusting outrageous lies that wfp pushes everyday. Guilty until proven innocent. Again don’t know what you are talking about cult bs. Know the guy talked to him 2 hours after said assassin hit lmao. Seriously. Talk to someone face to face. Reality is out there Just go find it. !!!!!!!

3 times the limit? He had to have been going over a 100 to do that kind of damage. Just because a guy made a honest mistake and slowly rolled thru a stop sign doesn’t give you the right to go 4X the speed limit in a school zone and play bumper cars. The guy wasn’t even from the area, give him a brake.

Yeah right dude. The guy isnt even from the area, has no idea whatsoever who you are. I picked him up to give him a ride home and I didn’t even know who you were, until I read this, and I live in town. It’s a 30 zone there and I saw the damage you did, and there is no way you were doing 30. Guy made an honest mistake missing the stop sign trying to find the hospital in a town he isn’t familiar with. Grow up.

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