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Justin Trudeau Panics – 1,000,000+ Freedom Fighter Army/Convoy From Across Canada Descending On Ottawa

The sounds of a thousand airhorns and fireworks resonante like the precursor to liberation and safety, much like the sound of bugles in the olden times to announce the arrival of the Cavalry to kick some serious ass. These sounds are a warning of war. A chance for the aggressors to stop what they are doing and to leave before it’s too late. Justin Trudeau claimed this is a “fringe element” but he had a look of terror in his eyes like he was about to be chopper-rescued from some rooftop. That likely won’t happen until Saturday or later. Lol?

Up to 1,000,000 people are expected in Ottawa as Freedom Fighters from across Canada have the backs of up to 50,000 truckers headed toward the front line to restore our Rights on a National level. This convoy of historic proportions is getting international coverage, while getting little attention by traditional media in Canada.

Ontario and Quebec are currently in lockdowns with vax-passport mandates when they are allowed to go back out again. Segregation is denigration, and without equality there is no Canada. The videos of the convoy blaring their horns while thousands line the roads and overpasses with their flags and signs to show their support is awe inspiring. It’s incredible that blaring airhorns can be music to your ears, if you doubt me, watch the video below.

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estimated 50,000 trucks from across the USA are entering Canada Today to join the convoy…………. F#$K you Trudeau

And the goof now claims hes gotta isolate..what a coincidence. . who even voted for that ass clown. Ive still yet to meet such person

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