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Justice Of The Peace Added To Hall Of Shame After Intimidating/Threatening The Public – More Victims Feared

Justice of the Peace Frank Leddy is being added to the Hall Of Shame after openly threatening/intimidating the public. During what was clearly a politically motivated prosecution in a Goderich courtroom of Buck & Jo’s, facts and law were ignored, rights trampled and lies exposed.

JP Leddy openly admitted he wanted to teach everyone a lesson so in the future they obey all “authorities” without question or attitude.

“The deterrence factor is not just specifically for you, but also for the general population” JP Frank Leddy, 28Feb2023

JP Leddy is not a judge. He apparently has no other qualifications than working for the system as a school principal, according to the press release when he was appointed. Now you know why we are being treated like children, school principals are still in charge of your life!

Justice of the Peace Frank Leddy has been a senior education specialist at the Ministry of Education since 2013. Prior to that, he served as the superintendent of education for the St. Clair Catholic District School Board and as a secondary school principal. Justice of the Peace Leddy volunteered at the Chatham Outreach for Hunger, and was also a volunteer board member at My Class Needs, working to improve fundraising and outreach to schools that have significant needs not being met by regular funding sources.Associate Chief Justice-Coordinator of Justices of the Peace Faith M. Finnestad has assigned Justice of the Peace Leddy to London.

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