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Health Unit Dared To Shut Restaurant Down – Buck Stops Here #HonorYourOath

Dear Huron Perth Public Health.

Buck & Jo’s (235 Josephine St. Wingham) will not be checking customers ID or demanding any personal health information as per your email demand. Asking customers for this information would be a violation of their Rights and a violation of a sacred oath I have sworn.

If a police officer can’t stop people and demand ID, then similar power can not be bestowed upon me. No federal, provincial or municipal authority/agency should ever bestow that authority to random unvetted citizens in a free society.

I will not be following your orders on 22Sept2021. I can not be compelled to violate anyone’s Rights despite the risk of fines, or the loss of freedom or livelihood. If I obeyed, my shame and disgrace would not be eased by telling myself I was just following orders.

You can set up outside our tiny restaurant and question everyone that attempts to come in, or everyone that walks by if you feel you have the constitutional authority to do so. No one is permitted to harass or question our customers on premises. You clearly have the option to wait outside for them and to follow and question them as you see fit, but it won’t happen on my property.

Don’t ask, don’t tell. That is our policy at Buck & Jo’s regarding vaccine status. It is also forbidden to discuss your vaccine status, or anyone else’s while on premises. This goes for everyone, including anyone claiming authority to do random checks of sit-down customers. A “Don’t Tread On Me” flag is flying as a warning to those that seek to oppress. 

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. Every Canadian has pledged this a thousand times, likely at the start of every school day or sporting event. You and I have all sworn an oath to be Guardians of Democracy

We did not pledge our allegiance to a political party or politicians of the day. We swore that oath to our Constitution/Charter of Rights. Our National Anthem is an oath to defend the Rights of Canadians and to make/keep Canada glorious and free.

I expect to see your enforcement officers the morning of the 22nd to shut us down. If you blindly follow your orders, you will need to bring the yellow tape and/or weld our doors shut.

Your other option is to send two people to stand outside and check ID and health information. We don’t have the manpower or flexible morality to do your enforcement for you.

If you don’t show up on the 22nd it will be assumed that Huron Perth Public Health will not be enforcing Doug Ford’s Denial Of Service Demand.

After the 21st it will be an act of rebellion just to sit for a cup of coffee. Is this the Canada you wish to bring about? 

I look forward to seeing you on the 22nd and to debate this in front of a judge.


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Good stuff. We similarly put a no trespassing order on our health department and their agents. No one is bothering us. Keep up the good work and we will come back to support your business every week.

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