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Ford & HPPH To Start Shuttering Ma & Pa Restaurants #JustFollowingOrders

This Friday HPPH will choose between starting to shut down restaurants, or providing the manpower for their own mandate. Ma & Pa restaurants simply can’t afford to hire the staff needed, as they fell through the cracks and get zero government support. These Ma & Pa shops are all expected to collect & remit HST to help pay for 75% wage subsidies of their national franchised competition, even though many Ma & Pa owners have not been paid since the first lockdown and needed to exhaust their life’s savings to survive.

Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in Wingham, has been standing their ground and video recording all interactions with authorities. If you already watched the full length videos, you will have noticed the police and Huron Perth Public Health all refuse to answer questions or show photo ID.

Doug Ford Contact Info.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 416-745-2859
Twitter: @OntarioPCParty

Huron Perth Public Health contact info (Dr. Miriam Klassen)
Phone: 1-888-221-2133

3 replies on “Ford & HPPH To Start Shuttering Ma & Pa Restaurants #JustFollowingOrders”

Please stop all this madness we know there is NO PANDEMIC just a chosen few to get rich quick scheme. The vax mandate is only a polite way of saying we ARE COMMUNISTS. What a sad country we live in stop the bullshit NOW.

Clarification of my previous comment . Buck and Joe’s is a hero for standing up against segregation and gateway to communism . Stay strong . History will prove you right. The health department looks a lot like 1939 authorities. ” show me your papers ” These policies using health and
fear never ends well .

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