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Flags At Full Mast As North Huron Minimizes Genocide As Just At Bit Of “Silliness” As bernie bailey Continues Destroying NH Like Sunrise Dairy #TillTheyAreAllFound

It has been a week since the horrors of the Catholic Church and the Government Of Canada were exposed to the world by the revelation that the graves of 215 children were discovered with the use of ground-penetrating radar. Nearly instantly flags were lowered across Canada as the nation lowered its head in shame and in acknowledgement of these crimes against humanity. Our Veterans fought and died in foreign lands to stop/prevent genocide and governments from killing their own Citizens. 

North Huron has taken a different stance and refuses to lower the Canadian flag at the Cenotaph as bernie bailey minimizes genocide as a bit of “silliness”. If you missed the council meetings in May, you REALLY need to watch them! 

After being shamed online NH finally lowered the flag at town hall late Monday evening. In retaliation for being forced to lower one flag, bernie bailey and council ordered flags to be put on every light standard in Wingham at full mast the following morning (Tuesday). 

Like the Canadian government, North Huron believes that water is key to controlling people. Inspired by the Federal government withholding clean water from Indiginous communities (numerous boil water advisories), bernie bailey is using the same deplorable tactic to control Morris-Turnberry by withholding municipal services, crippling their growth and development.

If you think our Veterans are worth the minimal effort of lowering the flag at the Cenotaph, please contact the council ASAP. Our Veterans traveled across the globe, crawled through mud and trenches, watched their friends die, and the council can’t be bothered to spend two minutes to lower the flag, something our Veterans clearly are unable to do since paying the Ultimate Sacrifice.

There will likely be nothing left of Wingham when bernie bailey is done giving it the Sunrise Dairy treatment. Trailer park, Armories, Police Station have been destroyed by bernie bailey in the last few months alone, airport and museum are next on the list. It would be nice if the council would not also destroy the dignity of Veterans and show them the respect of lowering the flag for them.

Many believe all Canadian Flags should be lowered until all the victims have been found. Lowering the flag one hour per child is insulting when we lower the flags for 2+ weeks when a member of the Royal family dies. 

Please contact council and let them know where you stand on respecting our Veterans and honoring the victims of the Catholic/Canadian residential school atrocities.

3 replies on “Flags At Full Mast As North Huron Minimizes Genocide As Just At Bit Of “Silliness” As bernie bailey Continues Destroying NH Like Sunrise Dairy #TillTheyAreAllFound”

Absolutely disgusting! Shame on council for shitting on the Indigenous peoples again. Maybe the 7 on council should join the 215.

Bernie Bailey has no moral compass. He has Indigenous niece and nephew but no empathy, no moral courage, no decency. Is anyone really surprised by this?

In addition I think this puts the North Huron at risk of a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Is that how the fine people of Wingham wish to be seen?

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