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Egging & Apology – Rainbow Flag In Center Of Redneckville Triggering Nearly Everyone #JudgeOnlyYourOverlords #WinghamWakening #RainbowCrosswalk

The taking down of the Gadsden Flag (Don’t tread on me) at a Wingham restaurant and replacement with rainbow flags has apparently been taken as a sign of weakness and/or capitulation to supremacists. The rainbow flags will be flown regardless of consequence for the entire summer. “Treading upon any Winghamite must be met with mass resistance. If you think Buck & Jo’s, or their customers, will sit idle while you judge and hate someone because of whom they fell in love with, you have another think coming.”

Buck & Jo’s would like to apologize, and thank everyone for their overwhelming support today. First, the apology to the person that called first this morning with their support. To be clear/fair, all Buck initially heard was Joanne explaining to someone on the phone that she was an owner/manager and why the rainbow flags were flying. At that point the caller clearly would have heard Buck yelling in the background “If they have a frigging problem with the flags, tell them to come down and discuss it in person, then hang up!” Which was instantly followed with Joanne stating “calm down, they are in support!” Clearly not the status-quo.

After that initial call, Buck & Jo’s spent the day accepting thanks and praise via phone and online. First, we are flying the flags because North Huron council refuses too. We are appalled that the world thinks the council represents the values of Winghamites with their contempt for the Rainbow Flag, and hatred which dates back a minimum of a decade. 

Second, the flags will be flying for two extra months this summer @ Buck & Jo’s. One for the first egging, and one month for Homphobic Lady (homo-lady) doing the nazi the salute beneath the Canadian Flag she desecrated and trespassed to put in a flag mount at Buck & Jo’s.

“The flags will fly until the rednecks can drive by without cringing”.

“I agree a Rainbow Crosswalk is needed to draw out the last of the closeted rednecks. It will drive the haters completely mental as their tiny minds try to understand and reconcile equality. It will be more entertaining than a NASCAR wreck”.

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Respect! No wonder your local government fears you! Counting down the days until the next election. Equality for all! Never surrender! RESPECT!!!

As a former Winghamite I would like to thank you. When I live in Wingham, 31 yrs ago I never had the courge to come out . I’M out & proud now. I never thought I’d see the day a.raimbow flag would be flying in Wingham

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