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Doctor Thrown Under Bus In Wingham – Video To Be Released – Doug Ford To Be Decapitalize In Retaliatory Strike @OntarioPCParty @RebelNewsOnline @CBCNews

Many believe Doug Ford is committing a criminal act by throwing Dr. Miriam Klassen “under the bus” as punishment after her underlings at Huron Perth Public Health took the moral high-ground, and stood down and refused to “follow orders” at a Wingham restaurant.

Doug Ford is forcing Dr. Miriam Klassen to resolve this explosive political/Rights issue herself, as Premier Ford clearly lacks the courage to enforce his own arbitrary capricious “rules” and depends on those he can coerce into doing his own dirty work. 

Doug Ford is invited to Buck & Jo’s Tuesday to resolve this issue in person. A real leader wouldn’t send someone to do a job he is not willing to do himself.

Please take the time to contact Doug Ford and encourage him to stop throwing people under the bus, and do his own dirty work. If he does not show up, he will be decapitalized (doug ford). A sign of disrespect to match what he is doing to Dr. Klassen, and to all the enforcers that will end up on the stand in court having every word they said used against them.

Video of the interaction will recorded and/or live streamed.

Doug Ford Contact Info.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 416-745-2859
Twitter: @OntarioPCParty

Huron Perth Public Health contact info (Dr. Miriam Klassen)
Phone: 1-888-221-2133

5 replies on “Doctor Thrown Under Bus In Wingham – Video To Be Released – Doug Ford To Be Decapitalize In Retaliatory Strike @OntarioPCParty @RebelNewsOnline @CBCNews”

Welcome to the right side.
I’ll forgive you for all your BS last year about wearing masks as long as you keep fighting.

Doug ford needs to back off let people make. There own choice gods going to attack the rich Because they are r trying To control us bs and thank u doctor for standing up to our freedon and bucks keep going don’t fighting for what u believe in

As a Guiness Book of World Records holder, I recognize the haters a mile away, not too long ago, I went out with guys like that, that couldnt answer a question or said they were so busy as if training like I did and working 3 careers plus studying exercise science/medicine didnt matter or mean anything. I am very proud of all of you at Buck&Jo’s and Dr Miriam Klassen for setting a precedent for the Province of Ontario, this Country and those struggling Globally! I would love to drive to your restaurant & give you some business! I will not be wearing a mask, nor will I be showing my medical file to enter any place of business, this idea is absurd, abhorrent to share my medical file, which is legally to be kept private. The government works for me, not the other way around and they have not been doing a thing for me to forward my many careers these days or my short term or long term health. May I remind all, that medical school doesnt teach QR codes. Medical school also doesnt teach that masks work because they dont. Surgeons have problems that no one talks about re mask wearing. It is more than insane to ask others to share their medical file as a behavioural control tool in order to be able to take part in life. I encourage everyone to think about this. We are supposed to ‘do no harm’ in this life. What if a patient had an adverse reaction to this shot, as we know 1/3rd of these shots are saline. Does that mean that they now cant go to a funeral, a coffee shop or participate in life now, if lucky enough to still be here, as these adverse rx are serious and please dont tell me they are not. I cant unsee what is forbidden to talk about? Patients, our livelihoods those come over lining Trudeaus pockets, which in case anyone doesnt know he became involved in acquitus in 2018 (the lipid patents)/profits off every shot in the arm globally. (That’s racketeering and carries a sentence of life in prison). Ask yourself why it was fine for 20 mths to not have a shot and now all of a sudden you must have 2 now soon 3 and then 8 etc to participate in life, a one size fits all approach, medicine doesnt teach this, we all have needs and we are all different and thats what makes us human. When does science teach any of this? It doesnt! Id also like to ask you what your shot does. We know that it is not a vaccination whether the definition was changed by the same drug pushers. We know it does not block transmission infact, increases your viral load in your nasopharyngeal and oropharnygeal regions by 241x. We also know it does not provide immunity. Natural infection is best. We also have treatments that Canada is blocking. Ivm stops viral replication in all CV’S as well as Hiv1. HCQ works nicely and was known to be a wow drug for all CV’s in 2005 (dr fauci) himself affixed his name to this study. I am not going to download a pass to live, im not sharing my medical file that is to remain private and neither should any of you. Im very proud of the stand you took and the value and integrity you’ve shown in upholding the hippocratic oath ‘Do no Harm’ Thank you again for taking a stand too many are afraid to take. God Bless you! I will also remind everyone reading this that your sovereignty comes from God, not the government. Thank you!

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