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Do Bristol Terrace Lives Matter – 3 out of 4 Candidates Say NO!

3 out of the 4 candidates running for North Huron Reeve/Mayor position believe that the lives of those living on Bristol Terrace are worth far less than those living elsewhere in town. 50% of Winghamites must agree as they didn’t even bother voting in the last municipal election.

For more than a decade council has repeatedly refused to clear the pedestrian paths of snow on Hanna Bridge despite petitions, delegations, and countless complaints. On the other hand staff have been caught numerous times using town equipment to clear their own snow, clearly this is theft.

Everyone living on Bristol Terrace risks their lives every time they attempt to get uptown in the winter, as council and staff have repeatedly refused to clear the snow on both pedestrian paths on the Hanna bridge. This forces pedestrians to cross the snow packed highway dodging traffic and to jump a curb to get onto a cleared sidewalk to get uptown.

Council has repeatedly sent a strong message, Bristol Terrace lives don’t matter, while Town Staff get free top-priority snow removal at the taxpayers expense.

They claim they don’t have the time to clear Hanna Bridge, obviously that is not true. They have also said they don’t have the equipment, another blatant lie. Shovels aren’t just for leaning on.

Sidewalks around schools hospitals and Hanna Bridge ignored while town staff clear their own property and sidewalks.

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Rumor is Bernie and his school principal “wife” laugh over morning coffee watching the poor people struggle trying to cross the road with their strollers and walkers. Pretty twisted if that is true. A school principal watching that every day in the winter and not caring the slightest, talk about morally bankrupt! No wonder Wingham schools have a staggering amount of bullying. Shameful!

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