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Deadly Force Against Trespassers Approved By Council & OPP – Municipal Employees Put On Notice #StopTheBookBurning

Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham, stood up to bylaw enforcement declaring they have no authority to censor the signs or books in their windows. Things have escalated.

Council wanted bylaw enforcement officer Nancy Small to confiscate the signs, book, shirts and anything with the phrase “Vote Buck” from the business.

“I assume when they steal our signs, books, etc. they will put them in evidence, or maybe just burn them. It’s a little heartbreaking to know that we are at the cusp of a good old government sponsored book burning. We aren’t quite there yet due to Nancy Small standing her ground. That is likely to change after the next council meeting though”.

North Huron council at the 18July2022 meeting promoted deadly force against trespassers, this was with the support and backing of the OPP. Click here for video and details.

For decades residents have had their rights violated by being trespassed, harassed & extorted by con artists at town halls acting as an elite secret police force that is above the law, claiming to have the power to override your Bill of Rights & Charter of Rights.

Corporate/municipal bylaw officers are hired to enforce standards on municipal property, that is property owned by the municipality/public land. If our infrastructure is failing it’s because bylaw officers have refused to do their jobs and hold staff to account. 

When town staff habitually dump snow on sidewalks and get away with it, or if pot holes have damaged your vehicle, or any of our infrastructure is not up to standard, it is due to the dereliction of duty of municipal bylaw officers. Apparently they have been too busy harassing, trespassing and trampling our rights to do the actual job they are paid to do.

They have conned the public into believing “Town Hall” can create laws granting them the power to enter your home or business and confiscate property. The only difference between them and a burglar, is a burglar doesn’t fill out paperwork first in an attempt to create the illusion they are acting in good faith and the interest of the “public good”.

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