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Crackdown Could Eliminate Taxes – Freedom Fighters Vs The SS #JoinTheREICH

Across Wingham dissidents are openly defying the SS (Social Standards). Every day more so-called Freedom Fighters are challenging/daring the SS to trespass and/or confiscate property. The SS claims they have far more power than a police officer, judge or even Justin Trudeau, and the SS can “inspect” any home/property and confiscate private property without warrant.

As ownership/storage of any car parts and accessories are banned by the SS, dissidents are stacking spare tires on their porches, by their garages, or anywhere in public view daring the SS to engage. People are posting selfies with auto parts online and comments stating they have a right to fix their own vehicles and that town hall has no authority over them.

The SS would like to remind people that openly defying them may result in a fine of up to $100,000/instance and loss of your home & life savings.

To lower taxes and to turn in your criminal neighbors call the SS at 519-357-3550 ext: 126 or use the contact information for the SS Upper Echelon below. 

Only 50 criminals need to be held to account with a $100,000 fine each to raise enough money to eliminate property taxes in Wingham for one year. 

SS volunteers are desperately needed to step up and notify Town Hall of any suspected offenders on their street. Those stacking tires outdoors are the most egregious offenders, as they openly mock the SS’s authority further destroying our community.

Not only will you be fulfilling your duty to protect your community, you will receive lower taxes when you do what’s right for the REICH (Reliable Everyday Inspections of Communities & Homes) and report anyone violating any SS directives. Those turning in dissidents/joining the REICH should expect to receive the same immunity and exemptions as town staff or the SS Upper Echelon.

Please report dissidents, your nemeses and neighbors to the SS if you suspect them of owning car parts, working on their own vehicle, owning a spare tire, parking on grass, having more than 4 pets, having snow on their roof, owning a chicken, have dog droppings on their property, etc. etc. 

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