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Council To Ram Through Another Backroom Real Estate Deal – Questions Prohibited At Council Meeting

North Huron is selling off more land in a backroom deal that was struck on 17Feb. The land was not advertised for sale, listed on MLS, and the Public was not informed. Press & Public Gallery questions are not “allowed” at council meetings, enforced by threat of arrest.

Dozens of Wingham families are losing their homes and life savings due to the extremely high tax rate and pending increase. People simply can’t afford $800-$1,000/month just in property taxes alone. The pending 20% increase is due to council giving away millions of dollars of real estate for pennies on the dollar, and over spending on buddy projects. 

The pending increase has caused property values to plunge in Wingham faster than anywhere else in Canada. Wingham taxpayers have lost tens of millions in equity in their homes due to the gross mismanagement and alleged criminal activity of councillors.

Next council meeting is at 6pm, Tuesday 21Feb @ Wingham Town Hall.

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