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Bully Bailey Wants To Fire Staff & Ban All Non Residents From Facilities & Programs To Save Complex #BoycottNorthHuron #WinghamWakening

By now you must be aware of the boycott North Huron movement that is rapidly growing as our neighbours start to stand alongside other victims of bully bernie bailey’s council and their unquenchable greed. Now bailey is in favor of firing town staff and keeping our facilities and programs for North Huron residents only. (click on previous link or video below to see for yourself) It is not clear if Blyth & East-Wawanosh will be allowed to use the Wingham Complex since the Wingham taxpayers paid for it.

Bully bailey is furious his hostile takeover of Morris-Turnberry has failed despite his mobster-style efforts. Refusal to allow Green’s Meat Market to connect to NH’s services, 25% jump in fees for out of towners, and crippling  development with a moratorium on new service hookups apparently didn’t win them over.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to boycott all North Huron facilities and programs and to encourage their family and friends to do the same. Council is already feeling the pressure.

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