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Arrest(s) Expected At Trial – Buck & Jo’s Vs Gregory Stewart – Thursday 10am @ Goderich Courthouse

Buck & Jo’s will be self representing and going head-to-head with Greg Stewart at a trial in Goderich this Thursday (08Sept2022). Gregory Stewart of the law firm Donnelly Murphy is known to all victims of North Huron’s abuse and corruption. You probably recognize Gregory Friel Stewart’s name from the Wingham Airport scandal where 77 acres of prime real estate sold for $200,000. 

The trial is due to the fact HPPH segregation enforcement repeatedly refused to answer questions until things escalated on 12Nov with the Josephine St. Standoff. HPPH threatened to return with a contingent of armed OPP to enforce/ensure compliance. That threat was met with people from across the province showing up armed with only video cameras to protect the owners as Buck defended the threshold until HPPH were finally forced to answer questions.

Even though the restaurant fully complied with HPPH’s order they are facing a full day trial and possibly millions in fines for a 15 minute time span on 12Nov which was fully video documented.

Many believe at least one of the owners will get arrested for contempt of court during the trial on the 8th of September. If you have seen the videos you will notice Buck has an absolute zero tolerance for “public servants” avoiding answering questions.

Freedom Fighters from around the province have announced their intentions to attend and video record the trial on the 8th.

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Buck & Jo are true heroes. You have sacrificed so much for us I feel duty bound to be in Goderich on the eighth. Thank you for all the hope and strength you have inspired. God bless and protect Buck & Jo. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I won’t be sending my kids to school Thursday as we’ll be going to the Goderich court house. Some things can’t be taught in school. The way everyone is talking around the court house this is history in the making. Never forget to remember the 8th of September. #Don’tFuckWithBuck

Thank you so much Buck & Jo. Your fearlessness and courage have given us hope during some of our darkest days. You sacrificed your livelihoods defending equality for every Canadian. The least we can do is have your backs on the 8th. If anyone doubts the support these wonderful people have just check their FB page or show in in Goderich. We’ll be there with flags on with a wad of cash in case they need bail money.

Looks good on Greg Stewart! I know what he has done to our community and how many victims there really are. Give ’em hell Buck! I wouldn’t miss this for the world! I’ll be in Goderich early to make sure I get a front row seat. Hopefully it’s Stewart and HPPH that will be leaving in cuffs. God Bless.

I checked tomorrows court docket for Goderich and dont see Bucks name on the docket, any reason why not on the docket.

So, what happened at court today> Cant be good for buck and jo, or he would have been all over this with a update

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