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War Declared As Church Insults Local Ma & Pa Business Flying Rainbow Flag #TaxTheChurch

This is a public response to MRCC’s recent action.

A very rude and unfriendly person came into our restaurant and tossed an envelope on the counter in an aggressive manner while saying “I have a gift for you”, then quickly left. Those that have come in only to complain about our rainbow flag were more polite and cordial than this person.

Inside the envelope was a note from doug kuyvenhoven’s church, “The Maitland River Church family would like to bless you today”. Also included were two $5 gift cards to the competition responsible for wiping out Ma & Pa coffee shops from coast to coast in Canada, which explains the snarky/sarcastic attitude of the delivery person.

While you may think it’s a hysterically funny insult to give the owners of a Ma & Pa coffee shop Tim H***** gift cards, you didn’t need to spend some of your afterlife scam money and follow through. Not only is it highly insulting, very little effort was put into the insult. 

You clearly need help.

Here are a few quick suggestions for next time, just in case you are daft enough to do so again. 

  • “I thought you would like to know what a good cup of coffee tastes like, here are some gift cards”. 
  • “Here are some gift cards to the place you’ll likely end up working when they run you out of business”.
  • “Want to see how a real coffee shop is run, here are some gift cards.”
  • “I bet you are dyeing for a good cup of coffee, here are some gift cards.”
  • “If your customers want a decent breakfast, give them these gift cards.”

Honestly, I’m almost more offended by the lack of effort and creativity in your attempted cruelty. BTW, any more children come forward with sexual assault allegations toward the Maitland River Community Church? How is Simon doing? Hopefully he has found out if there really is an afterlife and the stories of prison justice for pedos are all true.

We can not accept these gift cards, as they were paid for by what we consider to be proceeds of crime. Extorting the superstition and the vulnerable for financial gain and molesting our children (Re: Simon Chiarello) is something we are firmly against and want no part of, in any manner or fashion.

Please accept the return of these cards knowing there is zero chance I will ever play imaginary friends with you or believe in your sky genie. You will not get a percentage of my income nor get access to my children, stick with your current batch of victims.

MRCC victims can get 25% off our church shirts. The most popular being “I AM NOT AN ATHEIST, I’m an adult. I don’t believe in your sky genie or want to play imaginary friends with you. Not because I’m an ‘atheist’, it’s because I’m an adult”.

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