$7,000,000 Wingham Trailer Park Scandal – Where’s Our F***ing Money!

North Huron council has announced they have lots available for 35 homes. NH has spent $65,000 to shut down the trailer park, and even had a secret meeting to quash a law that protected it. No Public input was considered. 

The Wingham Trailer Park’s 35 lots are valued at $150,000 – $200,000/ea, making the park worth $5.25 & $7 million. Now you know why North Huron council did whatever they had to, to start getting that money in their friend’s pockets. NH councillor Kevin Falconer even turned violent at that secret meeting when someone asked a question. He responded like his million dollar winning lottery ticket was being ripped up right in front of him. FACT: 7 people on council. FACT: $7 million divided among 7 people would be $1 million each.

Now you are probably saying to yourself “Self, I don’t remember seeing a for sale sign at the trailer park, or it listed in the MLS listing.” You would be right.

So why wasn’t it listed for sale so the taxpayers could get market value for the trailer park? That $7 million might not end up in their buddies’ pockets, or only just a tiny portion of it would, and contracts may not be awarded to the “right” people.

Now the $7 million dollar question is, where’s our f**king money, and what BS are they going to blind the public with so we overlook yet another land scandal.

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I’ll take 10 of those Listowel lots for under $150,000! I assume they too are waterfront….you are so full of s***

Affordable housing means “trailer trash”. Thank God they are gone! Trailer park was full of meth heads and welfare scum that are too lazy and stupid to buy their own place.
Who cares if politicians take a million or two, they work hard and are under paid.

Well, I guess you are homeless now, since your trailer trash home will be no more. Comments from morons like you are always good for a laugh. Now go eat your Kraft dinner, its getting cold.

Wingham Lifer they did not have a right to do as they please, their was a law protecting it. They had no right to give it away to a contractor for $65,000. Someone ripped the taxpayers off 7 millions dollar. Let me guess you are one of the assholes getting a piece of the 7 million for a penny on the dollar. not even that, less than a penny on the dollar.

Ok, find where the money went! It is not in reserves! It was not sold publicly nor was it reported to the public. The $7mill is nowhere to be found. You believe everything the government tells you, that normally means you are on their payroll. Welfare? ODSP? CERB? They pay you a bit and you defend them blindly. I guess everyone has a price.

Well , first of all, CERB is no more, and I guess maybe I am on there payroll as I am retired and receive CPP and OAS and a nice pension from my workplace of just over 40 years. As for you, you seem to be obsessed by ODSP and Welfare so you must be a current or past user of those income services, but I will repeat, you know nothing about how municipal governments operate, so please refrain from making pointless and useless comments about things you know nothing about, thank you

well they will be crying in there empty lots if people finally get fed up with the crime, bullshit, scandals and down right pathetic on goings of “Hell county” and move away. Can’t have a thriving town if no one is there to live in it. Its Wingham for crying out loud, there is NOTHING special about the area or the county for that matter so I say never a better time then now to pack up and start new in a less shady community where you can actually trust not only your neighbors but your county council members. what’s next on the retirement fund for NH council, possibly your children’s schools take a hit or property taxes go up AGAIN??? who knows…moving away doesn’t look so bad if you ask me.

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