You Were Warned – Taxpayers Robbed & Out Millions – Trailer Park Next To Be Given To Developer Buddies #WinghamWakening #TakeBackOurCommunity

You were warned that all assets owned by North Huron taxpayers would be transferred to loyalists of King bernie bailey for pennies on the dollar and without considering Public input. Remember lawn bowling, the baseball diamond, Emergency Service Training Center in Blyth, the Armories, etc. etc.?

bernie “Milk it till it’s dry” bailey’s greed and corruption will ensure that all his developer buddies will get any land they desire, and will even fill in floodplains protecting Wingham. It’s all about the money and whose pockets they can stuff it in. Community is never given a first let alone a second thought.

Once again greed trumps community. During the 2010 term councillor bernie bailey tried his best to sell the Wingham Trailer Park. The Community rallied and stopped the clearly corrupt actions of council. Click the following link for a bit of history of when the trailer park was saved the first time.

Click the link below for council’s contact info.

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